Lacquered Box With Hook

Lacquered Box With Hook

I was shopping for hardware the other day,  looking for knobs to replace the ones on the Craiglist vanity desk I was giving a remake.  In between handles, knobs, and brackets, I found a brass hook with a curved shape that I loved. Now a hook’s main purpose is to hang a towel or two in the bathroom, a  jacket, maybe a hat in the hallway and so on.  But what if one is so beautiful like the one I came across?

So, with the one hook that I brought home,

One Hook - mydearirene

Plus sign

one plain lacquered box

One Box - mydearirene

Equal signI made myself one amazing piece of décor!

One Decorative Box - mydearirene

At the hardware store, I looked for the screws that had the smallest possible heads so that they wouldn’t pop out of the hook. I tried  many different types and the ones that worked best are shown below.  It was kind of tricky to stabilize the screws from behind the lid because these are wood screws and they don’t work with nuts. But, by using first a smaller nut and then a bigger one, I got it to work. I drilled directly on  the lid four small holes, slowly and steadily, then I inserted the screws and tightened them up.  That’s how easy it was!

Hardware - mydearirene

Elegant, sleek and modern, this lacquered box is perfect  for the new vanity desk in my daughter’s bedroom!

Box On Bedside Table - mydearirene

Bronze with soft grey is the new win-win color combination! Everything looks so pretty on this freshly painted vanity and it’s just because the box adds an elegant touch.

Box Book Bouquet - mydearirene

I filled it with some bracelets that my daughter had left in a dresser, but when she’s home, she can store anything she wants in it.

Open Box - mydearirene

Box And Bracelets - mydearirene

I’ve used these lacquered boxes in other projects in the past, like this one with a bottle opener on the lid, or  this one that I simply filled with Easter eggs. I love them plain, but with a decorative item on the lid, they’re something else!

And this hook was just too gorgeous to let go. It’s heavy, it adds texture and color and gives such style! I would love to have one of these boxes in the living room or in my bedroom, in the bathroom, and why not in the master closet. It just can go everywhere!

Hook - mydearirene

This little brass detail already makes a difference to this new vanity desk, that looked so plain, just yesterday.

Box With Brass Hook On Vanity - mydearirene

I’m not quite done accessorizing it. I have a couple of more little things in mind!


  • Medium Lacquered Rectangular Box in white, The Container Store
  • Streamline Hook in bronze, Anthropologie
  • 4 brass flat head wood screws #6 x 5/8 in  *  4 nuts #6  *  4 nuts #8, The Home Depot
  • Electric drill


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