Easter Eggs Covered In Paper Napkin – Part II – How To Make An Easter Tree

Easter Eggs Covered In Paper Napkin – Part II –  How To Make An Easter Tree

If you were on this blog yesterday, you certainly saw how I made my cute Easter eggs covered in paper napkin.  I forgot to mention, though, that I first used the paper napkin technique when we lived in Germany to decorate wooden boxes, terra cotta pots etc. ; it’s widely spread in this central part of Europe and I even think that this is the country of origin of the so called decoupage (in french:  cut around) technique.

Since I’m taking you to Germany, I think it is worth mentioning that Germany is the country where I found the most lovely Easter decor. The stores were filled with amazing, beautiful, charming Easter Eggs, rabbits, baskets and anything you can think of.  Back then, I did purchase quite a few items but, unfortunately,  all of them are now left in storage in Greece.

Among the best German Easter decor were the Easter Trees. It’s a tradition to decorate a tree or a bush in your garden with colorful Easter Eggs (plastic eggs in most cases, to withstand the harsh weather). After leaving Germany, I started my own little tradition of putting up a little Easter Tree, but inside my home.  During those past years, in lieu of a tree, I used real dried branches that I had spray painted in white.  But after two moves, I’m left with a couple of broken branches that could somehow work but are no longer impressive.

So today, I plunged into my Halloween storage box and took out these Pottery Barn Spooky Aspen Branches.

Potter Barn Aspen Spooky Branches

I purchased them on sale in Connecticut ($ 3.87 from $ 39.50, that was quite a deal!) on a New Year’s Eve.  I regret for purchasing only three of them back then…

Price Tag

 … but I don’t regret pulling off the black leaves today.  I’m not big on spooky Halloween decor, and I can think of so many other things to do with these superb, high quality branches throughout the year.  And if I ever change my mind, the leaves can be easily put back on.

I placed my three branches  in a large vase and hung my paper napkin covered Easter Eggs.  That’s how easy it is!

Once Again My Dear Irene, Easter Tree

I also used some more blown out eggs which I painted  in matching solid colors using food coloring, and hung them too. But the stars of the Easter Tree are definitely the ones covered in paper napkin!

Once Again My Dear Irene, Egg On A Branch

You can either purchase a few sturdy decor branches or even better, spray paint some real dried ones that you find outdoors.

Once Again My Dear Irene, Branches With Hanging Eggs

This is the exact spring decor I had in mind:  light, fresh but also colorful and happy!

Purple Egg On Easter Tree

By hanging the eggs at different heights and combining the colors right, they’re all in perfect harmony.

Once Again My Dear Irene, Easter Branches

I chose to place the Easter tree it in a central point of the house that way I can enjoy it even more! The entry way is right in the center, connecting the living room, the dining room, the hallways and the kitchen.

Once Again My Dear Irene Table With Vase

And what a wonderful way to welcome our guests this Easter to come!

Once Again My Dear Irene, Easter Entrance

I made quite a few of these paper napkin covered eggs and I’m planning on giving some to friends as an Easter present. Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out how I packaged them!

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