Taking A Bottle Opener To A Whole New Level Of Chic

Taking A Bottle Opener To A Whole New Level Of Chic

I brought this little guy home today from Anthropologie.  He’s a Scottish Terrier bottle opener made entirely of metal.  I couldn’t resist his mystic charm and noble allure, so I grabbed him off the sale basket the very moment I saw him. At the register, I was asked to pay even less than the reduced tag price – under $ 4 (don’t you love those unexpected little surprises?).

Later, at home, I was about to place him in a drawer, but I sadly realized that I wouldn’t be seeing him for long.  In our house, we rarely use a bottle opener (no matter how charming it may be) as we consume mostly water (and wine).  So I temporarily placed him on my desk, not quite ready to part with him.

Bottle Opener

On my desk sit these two modern (and affordable) lacquered boxes which I LOVE, a present from my daughter this last Christmas. 

Two Lacquered Boxes

And while I was typing and admiring  Mr. Charming  from the corner of my eye, I had the best idea ever! I went straight to the garage and brought in my electric drill (thankfully it was charged), grabbed the biggest of the two lacquered boxes, and marked  the center of the lid with a pencil.

I started drilling and prayed that this would work.  If not, I would have to take a 30 minute trip to the nearest Container Store to replace my mess!  How could I let my daughter see her present with a hole in the middle of it?


But it all worked out.  The opening I made was perfect for Mr. Charming to slide into and with two drops of glue from my hot gun, he would stay on top of the lacquered box forever!

Box With Scottish Terrier

Box And Vase

I placed the box on the table in the entry way, and it looks like I spent more than a $100 on it!

Entry Way

 Here is a close up!

First Shot

I have to admit though, that he’s not very photogenic. Here’s a shot from another angle, hoping that I have captured the best of him for you.

Second Shot

I think it all worked out because the neck of the dog is slightly larger than the bottom part of the bottle opener and the hole is completely covered by the dog’s head.   Of course, I had to be careful while drilling; after I made the first hole, I then drilled on its left and on its right trying to make a rectangular shape opening. I worked slowly and thankfully the lacquer didn’t crack.  I applied the glue in the very center of the bottle opener so that it wouldn’t spread and show.  Two drops were enough and even though I tested it by lifting the lid by the doggy’s head, I wouldn’t do it again.  It’s purely decorative, and definitely not for everyday use. Plus, the inside part of the lid isn’t that pretty, so opening the box and having to look at it several times a day wouldn’t be the best idea.

Scottie Dog

Now I have a question.  Should I get a second Scottie Dog for the smaller lacquered box?  Or would it be too much?

Another One

I’d love to hear what you think!

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