Make An Impressive Fall Centerpiece!

Make An Impressive Fall Centerpiece!

To me, fall decoration is mostly about making my home cozy, warm, and inviting. Adding some decor elements is of course part of that process. Rather than having multiple displays around the house, as I do for Christmas and Easter, I’d rather do one  grand centerpiece in a central part of the house.  Last year, I filled an oversized basket with apples and that was just what was needed to mark the advent of Fall.  The result was absolutely impressive and very delicious, too, as none of these apples went to waste. Before it was too late,  I used them in quite a few recipes, including The Easiest Apple Pie You’ll Ever Make (you can find the recipe here), fresh juices for the family and additions to savory soups. But for a couple of weeks and maybe more, they were part of the home decor in the most natural and impressive way.

This year, I’m using this same basket but instead of apples, I’m filling it with natural  pumpkins, squash and gourds and with some craft diy pumpkins that I’ve done in the past.  I’m “strategically” placing my basket on the dining room table, as this is one spot that connects the entire house and it’s also a place we pass by many times a day.  In addition, I filled a very large vase with branches with green and orange hues, straight from the backyard.  All together, it makes quite an Autumn statement!

Fall Centerpiece - mydearirene

All the natural pumpkins are from my local Trader Joe’s.  That’s where usually I find the best selection.

Pumpkins - mydearirene

The squash will soon be used in a pasta dish, but will serve their decorative purpose in the meantime.

Squash In Basket - mydearirene

Of course, I added to the basket the DIY moss covered artificial pumpkins that I made this year.  Their dark green color makes a nice contrast against the yellow and orange pumpkins and the twine around them is another natural element that suits this basket well.

Moos Covered Craft Pumpmkins - mydearirene

A couple of decorative dark brown wooden balls that I’ve had for some time, and which I keep moving  around the house depending on the seasonal decor, also look nice between other natural and artificial fall elements.  The gourd on the bottom right corner is one among a couple that I dried out last year (just leave some gourds out in the air for as long as  they need to  dry out naturally). Now that I think of it, I might give them some color…

Wooden Balls

This artificial pumpkin is another craft from years ago.  It’s a craft pumpkin covered in photocopied clothing articles. (in case you would like to make some too, the instructions are here).

Paper Photocopy Pumpkin - mydearirene

Next to my oversized basket is a large vase that I filled with branches cut from a tree in our backyard.  I honestly have no clue what this orange fruit is (do you?) but it certainly falls within my fall color scheme. You can fill any large container with beautiful branches from the outdoors and most will even last long, just don’t forget to add fresh water  frequently.

Branches - mydearirene

Consider using items in a larger scale when decorating: they make a much more big impression!

Impressive Centerpiece - mydearirene

The vase, the basket and the artificial pumpkins were items I already had.  The natural pumpkins did not cost any more than what a flower bouquet would have cost me and the branches were cut from our backyard.  So in all, this fall decoration did not cost that much.

Fall Decor Centerpiece - mydearirene

To have such a centerpiece last until Thanksgiving, make sure it’s put in place a couple of weeks before hosting. Alternatively, place it on a buffet or console table if you are hosting a dinner party or at Thanksgiving gathering.

All these beautiful deep colors would add warmth and an autumn feeling to any home from now until it’s time for Christmas decoration!

Live Your Home - My Dear Irene


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