DIY Moss Covered Pumpkins

DIY Moss Covered Pumpkins

These cute little pumpkins of mine are one of a kind! They’re entirely covered with moss and look absolutely natural. A few twine strips run from top to bottom to form the ridges that give them a clear pumpkin shape. You can mix them with some natural pumpkins in a basket to give a rustic feel. Alternatively, combine them with some stylish objects on a mantel or a console table and they’ll create a more eclectic effect!

Here are the steps so that you can make your own:

I started with a decorative pumpkin, the kind that is entirely filled with foam. Mine was rather small in size, just about 3.5 inches high.

I also got some artificial craft moss. There are many types available. Instead of the fluffy kind, I chose the soil topper-12 inch discs.  They look like plastic nets covered with moss and they come in packages of three.

I cut  slices of moss, just like cutting a pizza, and adhered them onto the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and by pressing down with the tip of a flat knife. Watch out, it’s burning hot!

Moss Slices

I carved the bottom part of the pumpkin foam to create a couple of inches deep opening. This will facilitate passing the needle out and creating space for the knots, as you will see further down.

Foam Pumpkin - mydearirene

Once the pumpkin was mostly covered in moss, I threaded some jute twine into a tapestry needle and pushed the needle inside the pumpkin, as close to the stem as possible.  I used pliers to reach and pull the needle out from the other side,

Twine For Moss Pumpkin - mydearirene

I then removed the needle from the twine, arranged the twine in place, attached both ends tightly with a knot close to the opening and cut the excess twine. I continued adding more twine strips around the pumpkin at even intervals to create the ridges.

Tying Knots - mydearirene

I added  small patches of moss to all the uncovered parts.

This is the bottom side of the pumpkin with the twine in place.

Moss Pumpkin Bottom Side

As a last step, I cut a round piece of moss to totally cover the carved bottom opening and the knots.

Finished Bottom Side - mydearirene

The stem was dark brown and I painted it a lighter color so it would show a little more.

Finished Moss Pumpkin

I also covered a larger pumpkin with moss. This one was a craft carvable pumpin, about 6.5 inches high, and was empty on the inside.  I made an opening with a sharp knife on its bottom part and followed the same steps as above.  However, I had to hit the needle with a hammer to help it pass through the top part of this rigid plastic pumpkin.

Moss Covered Pumpkins - mydearirene

Here is a close up to show you the detail on the top part of the pumpkin.

Upper Side Detail Moss Pumpkin - mydearirene


Moss Covered Pumpkin


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