Fabric Photocopy Pumpkins

Fabric Photocopy Pumpkins

I will not take credit for this genius idea: fabric photocopy strips on pumpkins! Who even thought of this? The instructions were on a magazine two-three years ago, and I started making a few of my own the moment I saw them. Back then, I made three and today I’ ll show you how to make your own.

For each one, I  used:

  • One artificial pumpkin (I got mine from Michael’s)
  • Patterned clothing from my wardrobe in coordinating colors
  • Color photocopy machine
  • Mode Podge in a mat finish (or any other decoupage glue)
  • Brush
  • Paper Cutter (or scissors)
  • Mat Varnish


I first went through my closet to find any interesting piece of clothing with a repeating pattern.  I chose a skirt and a sweater in beige hues to match my already existing pumpkins


Fancy Skirt

Knitted Sweater

Then I placed the piece of clothing into the photocopy machine and made color copies.  I had to retry a couple of times to be sure that the fabric was well in place. 

When I was satisfied with the result, I made about 2-3 photocopies and then cut out strips of about 1/2 – 3/4 inch wide (about 1 1/2 – 2 cm). No need to measure, they don’t need to have the exact same dimensions.

Paper Cutter

I applied Mod Podge on the back of the strips and placed the strip on the top part of the pumpkin, pressing straight down and cutting off any paper excess on the bottom of the pumpkin. For intervals with no paper, I glued an additional strip in between, making sure that each strip would slightly overlap with the other one. I let it dry for about one hour and applied varnish on top.

Fabric Pumpkins

Three Pumpkins

Aren’t they adorable?

ADDITION OCTOBER 7, 2015:  The instructions were on Country Living magazine – October 2011 issue.

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