From Shoe Box To Glam Storage

From Shoe Box To Glam Storage

Covering a box with wrapping paper is nothing new, but attaching a metallic handle is certainly a lovely addition! And when the box is actually an old shoe box, that is certainly a transformation! My new storage boxes look super cute on the shelf and are so convenient to organize any smaller objects. Who  would know that they used to be shoe boxes? All you’ll need is an old box with a detachable lid, some wrapping paper, a foam brush and some Mod Podge. Pick a handle that you like and use an electric drill to make perfectly round holes for the screws.

Three Shoe Boxes - mydearirene

I made one a couple of months ago and now two more to organize the shelves above my desk.  I chose rolls of wrapping paper with matching patterns and a color palette that would complement the space.

Three Pretty Shoe Boxes - mydearirene

I already filled one with magazine clippings.

Organizing With A Shoe Box - mydearirene

I used the smaller one for markers.

Shoe Box For Markers - mydearirene

And the third one now holds all the cards.

Organizing Cards - mydearirene

The handles were actually a shiny, old fashioned gold and I used spray paint to give them a more modern look.

Covered Shoe Boxes - mydearirene

Here are the very easy instructions! You can also follow these steps to cover boxes with fabric, in which case you should substitute Mod Podge with simple glue stick.

1. Lay out the paper, good side down. Position the box on the paper, making sure that there is enough paper around the box to cover all sides, plus an additional two-inch margin. Trace the outline of the box. With a long ruler, continue tracing horizontal lines, extending from the longer sides of the box.

2.  Add Mod Podge on the bottom part of the box and affix box onto the paper. Cut along the extended horizontal lines, like so:

Cut Horizontal Lines - mydearirene

3.  Now trace a vertical line, two inches from the exterior long side of the box, and cut.  Repeat for all four corners.

Cut Vertical Lines - mydearirene

4. Apply Mod Podge on one larger side of the box, adhere the paper, and leave a two inch margin along the top to fold on the inside, and cut off the rest. Repeat for the other long side.

Adhere Long Sides - mydearirene

5. Apply Mode Podge on the margins you left in the previous step, as well as the remaining paper from the smaller sides of the box.

Sides And Top - mydearirene

6. Add glue on the small sides of the box, measure a two-inch margin to fold inside, cut, add glue and  flip margin.

Adhere Sides - mydearirene

7. Repeat the same process for the lid, as if it was a box, leaving a smaller margin (about one inch).

8. Use an electric drill to make perfect holes. Place the handles and screws in place and fasten them from the inside with a flat washer and a screw nut.

Using Electric Drill - mydearirene

The screws that came with the handles worked fine, but they were kind of long and they extended too far into the box (see left).  So, I decided to replace them with shorter flat-headed / flat-ended ones (machine screws).  I added one more screw nut so the screw wouldn’t show.

Screws After - mydearirene

With a different paper pattern, my boxes could fit nicely in the kids’ rooms: bright red and blue  for my nine year old and maybe grays with geometrical patterns for my daughter. They would also be convenient in the closet to store shoes.

Shoe Boxes With Handles - mydearirene 

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    • Lori, the wrapping paper is either from Marshalls or from Home Goods. I cant’ remember because it has been a while, but that’s where I usually get wrapping paper from.

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