How To Reuse The Tiny Hotel Breakfast Jam Jars

How To Reuse The Tiny Hotel Breakfast Jam Jars

Over the years, I’ve saved quite a lot of these empty tiny jam jars that often come on a hotel breakfast tray. I’ve never had a good use for them, although I’ve ~ maybe ~ used a couple to store beads or small sewing supplies, or as a mini vase for a bloom. I’ve searched on Pinterest for new ways to reuse them, but I never came across something I really liked, except for turning them into picnic salt and pepper shakers, like seen here  ~ but unfortunately we never go on picnics!

I finally came up with a great idea, which I’ve tried and loved and I’m so excited to share! I turned them into individual dip containers for a party. Here they are:


Each glass jar contains a small portion of dip and they’re all arranged on a large tray. Each guest can take one little jar and enjoy his/her own individual portion of dip. Aren’t they so cute? In this very special case, double dipping ~ even triple dipping ~ is permitted!

You can also add a vegetable stick inside each jar  ~ I used carrot sticks which will sit straight up in a small vessel, and will also not get soggy, but you can have more vegetable and bread sticks available for your guests in a separate bowl – one jar portion is plenty for four or five dippings. Make sure to have an average of two jars for each guest ~ those are fun and everyone will want more!


I filled them with an Avocado-Greek Yogurt Dip (in a food processor, combine two ripe avocados, ½ cup Greek yogurt, garlic powder, dried mint, half teaspoon of each and sprinkle some sweet paprika on top). You can also use your favorite dip or choose among my many delicious Greek dips such as Tzatziki, Eggplant, Feta Cheese, Red Pepper, Olive.

To fill the tiny jam jars without spilling the dip and getting it on the rims, I used a pastry bag ~ a plastic food storage bag works just as well.


I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures but all the jars do not have to be the same shape and size, as they vary depending on the brand, which is totally okay!

If you want  to use this idea for your next party, but don’t have any of these tiny glass jars, you can order similar ones, like these, online.


To wash them, let them soak in a large container with warm water and dish soap, rinse them and let them dry and store them away for the next party.


Just imagine them on your next party table!



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