The Perfect Vase Filler For Fall: Acorn Bullets

The Perfect Vase Filler For Fall:  Acorn Bullets

If you ever come across this variety of long and pointy acorns, make sure to pick as many as you can!  Their shape is so different than the round acorns we’re used to seeing, their texture is smooth and shiny and their color is a beautiful blend of thin light and dark brown stripes. They look just like wooden bullets. I brought home at least a hundred and I may go back for more.

First, I rinsed them under cold water and let them dry.

Rinsing Acorns -

With a gold leafing marker, I painted the tip of each acorn. Because there was no way to make a straight finishing line I purposely made an irregular one. I wasn’t sure if painting the round top looked better than painting the pointy bottom, so I did both ways. Some acorns had a part that was a little discolored or scratched, so for these, I covered that part in gold.

Painting Acorns -

Aren’t they so adorable? Smooth oak with just a touch of gold! And don’t ask me how long it took me to make them because I can have patience when I’m liking the result! Between watching an episode of Shark Tank and a Skype session, I didn’t even notice how fast they were ready!

Gold Leaf Acorns -

Once they were all nicely painted, I arranged them in various ways to see what I liked best. In a glass vase, of course:

Filling A Square Vase -

And in a jar:

Acorns In A Jar -

Even a porcelain tureen can work when it’s placed at a lower height, such as on a coffee table.  Here, I added some pine cones to fill this large and deep serving dish.

Gold Acorns And Pine Cones -

And in a smaller and shallow tray:

Acorn In A Tray -

Or in a larger tray (the $2.49 silver plate one I brought home the other day) with other decorative items, such a candles:

Acorns And Candles -

If you can not find this specific almond shaped variety of acorns, you can try painting the round ones; I’ m sure they will be just as cute!

Wood And Gold Bullet Acorns I - mydearirene.com_edited-1


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