Weekend Thrifting

Weekend Thrifting

Over the weekend, I visited my local thrift store again! I can’t wait to share with you the treasures I brought back home as well as what I plan on doing with each of them. Everything came from a single trip to Goodwill with the exception of the desk which belonged to someone who did not need it anymore, and was so generous to give it to me!

Milk Glass Love Cont. –  White Mixing Nesting Bowls – Set of Four

I knew I would be finding more milk glass items to add to my little collection. These mixing bowls were also sold individually but who would ever consider breaking this set of four? They were covered in dirt and a sticky yellow residue. I wasn’t convinced that they were in good shape until I soaked them in a warm water bath with baking soda and washed them meticulously with a mild dish soap. Thankfully, they were all in perfect condition, neither scratched nor chipped. I’ve seen vintage ones as well as new ones that range from $8 per piece and can reach $89 for a set of three. I got them all for merely $8 and I absolutely love them! They’re great for food prep, mixing baking ingredients and serving a salad.

Milk Glass Nesting Bowls - mydearirene.com

Mine are not really vintage like some of these green-milk ones might be:


Found on the web

Newer ones come in more colors and are quite pricey, but absolutely beautiful, such as these soft pink ones from Mosser Glass:


Found on Food52

Bronze Cauldron

This medium size bronze cauldron caught my eye the moment I walked into the store. It has a hammered surface and an iron handle and with a little bit of care, it will be shining soon again. It can be used in different ways, and in every (yes, every) room of the house.

Bronze Cauldron - mydearirene.com

It resembles to a lot of cauldrons that I’ve seen online, most of which are antique and sell for a couple of hundred dollars.  This one might be in copper but its overall shape looks a lot like mine.


Found on One Kings Lane

I might use it as a planter in the entry way, like so:


Found on Kelly Rogers Interiors

Or I could maybe fill it with moss for something as classic as this:


Found On Daisy Mae Belle 

Around this time of the year, it can be used as a decorative container for smaller gourds and pumpkins:


Found on Emily A. Clark 

Or by the fireplace to hold fire logs:


Found on Home Bunch

Chinoiserie Mugs

I couldn’t leave these mugs behind. Not only do I love the blue and white chinoiserie, but these mugs have an additional detail, the cane handle, that makes them even more (in my eyes) desirable. There is no stamp or other printed logo to give me a hint as to where they come from; they’re probably newer items, thankfully they’re in perfect condition and they were only $1.99 each.  If you don’t see them soon on a photo along with one of my recipes, it’s because I’ve probably given them to my sister who recently started her own white and blue chinoiserie collection.
Chinoiserie Mugs - mydearirene.com

My chinoiserie love affair started with the classic ginger jars that I’m dreaming of having some day…


Found on French Country Cottage 

and continued with just about anything that had that same motif, like dishes and vases and any kind of porcelain item in that same style…


Found on Waiting On Martha 

textiles, for decorative pillows and upholstery…


Found on T&G

wallpaper, like this one in particular, which I love because it’s not too busy, and therefore great for a large surface…


Found on Pinterest 

wall art that would look right in any house, no matter its style…


Found on Ballard Designs

and even these amazing pumpkins that are hand-decorated.


Found on Indigo Home

Silver Plate Tray:

A silver plate tray for $2.49 should never be left behind.  As I’m writing these lines, I’ve already cleaned it with a silver polish product and it’s all nice and shiny. This might be – based on its size and shape – a charger, but it can be used in so many other ways.

Silver Plate Tray

Of course, as a cute little tray…


Found on Pottery Barn 

but also as a base to group different items together for an instant organized look:


Found on Moth Design 

A combination of a few different sized ones along with one or more mirrors on a wall is also a great idea:


Found on Wisteria 

Vintage Pedestal Glasses:

You can find these cute vintage glasses at most thrift stores and at many garage sales. At less than a dollar each, they’re quite affordable!  They work great as tea light candle holders as the candle light that reflects is twice as beautiful because of the color. Also, I love the fact that the flame is higher than a regular little tea light candle holder. Combine a bunch of them of different colors and shapes to create a warm atmosphere on your dining table or in the living room, but make sure to not leave them unattended.

Pedestal Glasses - mydearirene.com

Faux Bamboo Cane Armchair:

I’ve seen how beautifully these faux bamboo cane chairs turn out to be after being restored. I couldn’t pass on this one, even though the Goodwill employee told me that it had been sitting out in the rain for who knows how long…. For $10.99, it was a steal!

Faux Bamboo Cane Chair - mydearirene.com

With a coat of paint and a new cushion, it can look fresh and modern, like this one:


Found on Broadview Heights

And a second chair:

This one was priced the same; it’s a lot more sturdy than the other one, and although they both have the cane back, this one has a Louis XVI detail on the legs.  I don’t think I will paint it but I might sand and stain it because of some little finishing damage, here and there.  I will definitely change the fabric, a super easy task as the seat is removable.

Armchair - mydearirene.com

Wooden desk:

This desk was a hand me down and I have the perfect spot for it in my house.  I will need to change its exterior appearance from this:

Desk - mydearirene.com_edited-1

to something like these pretty white desks with their updated pulls that are also so beautifully accessorized:


Found on Bows, Pearls And Sorority Girls 

screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.18.51 am

Found on Verandah House


Found on b@h

Or  maybe I could give it some color, like this painted one in soft mint:


Found on Love Grows Wild

Have you found any thrifting treasures lately? I would love to know!


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  1. Thank you Angelica!
    I love the mugs!
    I’ll be there to pick them up my self in… about a month!!
    Chose trouveé chose gardeé…
    Your sister ?

  2. Angelica, you have such a great eye for these things. These are all lovely pieces with much potential. If I were to go out and look I’d find junk. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with those chairs.

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