Watercolor Rainbow Name Art (For A Little Girl’s Room)

Watercolor Rainbow Name Art (For A Little Girl’s Room)

A while ago, I showed you the trick to make the perfect handwriting. Back then, I used a gold leaf pen to fake a few “handmade” word art prints, but I was pretty sure that my technique could work just as well with any other color medium. The opportunity to try it came the other day when I needed to a present for a little girl. Instead of buying her a gift, I thought it would be more fun to make something for her. So, I created a personalized watercolor rainbow name art for her room.

Here are the few and easy steps:

I first typed the little girl’s name on the computer. I used a sans-serif type font in a large size. I also fixed the upper and lower margins to center the name on the paper.

Type A Name - mydearirene

Then, I changed the font color from black to a very light gray that was almost invisible, and I printed it.

Change Font Color

Next, I used a fine brush and I started coloring! I could barely see the printed name, so it helps to have good lighting. To fill each letter I blended darker and lighter shades of the same color combined with a wet or almost dry brush, depending on the shade I wanted to get.  As you start playing with watercolors, you can create your own masterpiece. Not to mention it’s fun and very relaxing!

Painting With Watercolor

I did a couple of tries before I could master the best technique. What you see here is coloring on regular printing paper but you can use a thicker and better quality paper for a more professional result – just make sure the paper is compatible with your printer. The gray printed letters are completely covered with color. Each shade blends into the other, and each letter is made of a new color to create the rainbow look.You can also make a print with a quote or a whole sentence, anything that’s meaningful to you!

Watercolor Rainbow Name

When it’s dry, frame it.

Framed Watercolor Art 2 - mydearirene.com_edited-1

Add a ribbon around the frame and it instantly becomes a pretty present that every little girl would love!

Wrapped As a Present


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