How To Make The Perfect Handwriting (For An Art Print And Not Only)

How To Make The Perfect Handwriting (For An Art Print And Not Only)

You don’t need to master the art of calligraphy, nor go back to third grade to ace the cursive writing in order to make a pretty handwritten quote to frame!  I came up with an  easy way to write on paper just about everything, whether it’s just a word or a whole quote, and make it look just as if it was written in your most casual, relaxed but beautiful handwritten style, even if you don’t have one!

This is how:

First, type on the computer the word(s) of your choice in the desired font. I chose the font “Segoe Script” on Word, as its style looks like it is written by hand, but there are plenty of cursive and other styles to chose from. Decide on the size of the font and arrange the text (centered, aligned etc.), depending on where and how it will be used.

Computer 1 - mydearirene

Then, change the color of the text from black  to a  shade that is one-tone-darker-than-white, a very light grey, almost invisible.

Computer2 - mydearirene

Then, print. The text can be barely seen.

Print Laugh - mydearirene

Use any kind of medium you wish and  write on top of the printed word(s). I’m using a gold leaf pen to re-create a set of frame inserts as seen at Pottery Barn Kids, but markers, crayons or watercolors would also add the texture and the small imperfections of a text that is written by hand.

Write Laugh - mydearirene

Make sure that all the grey parts are nicely covered.  There is nothing left to reveal that these perfectly gold and shiny words came out of a home printer. On the contrary, they look like an artist’s fine job! I practiced on a couple of print-outs before getting the best result.

Four Words - mydearirene

Frame with or without a mat.

Framed Words - mydearirene

I am hanging them in my daughter’s room, right above the night table. The frames were first used about a year ago in that same room when I made some other easy diy art, but who doesn’t like a little change? The diy headboard with the embroidered monogram is still so beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Girl Room - mydearirene

This same technique can be used to make the perfect handwriting on a note, an envelope a thank-you note, but also for an oversized quote, in which case the text can be prepared at home and sent electronically for printing to the local office supplies store!

Perfect Handwritting - mydearirene






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