Monday Morning Thrifting

Monday Morning Thrifting

Do you ever visit the thrift shops in your area? From time to time, I do.  There is a Goodwill not very far away and I always  make a quick stop whenever I’m in the neighborhood. Today I spent more than I do, both in time and money; there was so much to chose from, it was literally like striking gold! Here’s everything I brought home, the reason I bought it and what I intend to do with each item.

Milk glass love: A milk glass vase with a one of a kind shape and a goblet were only $0.99 each and were the first to get into my cart.  The bathroom is a good starting place for both items; the goblet can hold Q-tips or cotton rounds and the vessel can makes a cute vase or a small planter.

Milk Glass Love - mydearirene

One day, I may be lucky enough to have a milk glass collection to showcase, something just as impressive as this:


Found on Country Living 


found on Tidbits & Twine 

But even if I don’t manage to gather that many milk glass items I might just end up with only a few and use them on something as simple and beautiful as this.


Found on 

On the same shelf of the thrift store I found this green glass footed bowl. It’s actually quite bigger than what it looks on the photo (6 inches high, and 6½ inches wide) and it was only a couple of dollars.

Green Bowl - mydearirene

It’s perfect for serving fresh fruit, chocolates or cookies but it can also fulfill so many other roles in the house: in the bathroom filled with small bar soaps, on the coffee table with seasonal decor – smaller Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, and so much more! It looks like it just got out of my china cabinet as it matches my beautiful green drinking glasses.

Lemons And Limes Table Setting - mydearirene


I’ve seen something not quite identical but with the same feel at Anthropologie, this Color-Cut Cake Stand:


Found on 

and this Kastehelmi footed bowl with  a more modern approach from Iittala.

Footed Bowl

Found on 

I also bought this pewter bowl for $2.99.

Pewter Royal Holland Bowl -

The stamp on its bottom reads “ROYAL HOLLAND PEWTER MADE IN HOLLAND K.M.D. TIEL” and I was impressed by both the royal crown and the engraved text.

_KMD Daalderop mini 2

Back home, I did a little online research and I sadly discovered that my bowl was not previously used as a personal item of a member of the Dutch sovereign family, nor is it worth a fortune. Instead, I found that the company has existed since the late 1800’s and that similar bowls in poorer condition than mine sell for about $20.00.

Anyways, it’s the kind of versatile little piece that I like to have around and it already found a place by the kitchen sink. It’s pretty and convenient, holding just a bar of Greek olive soap and a couple of pot and vegetable brushes.

Pewter Bowl And Brushes - mydearirene

From the kitchen of 

This was my inspiration:


Found on the web

and this, too:


From Martha Stewart 

This serving porcelain dish with handles was just too beautiful to let go.

Wisteria Bowl - mydearirene

It was more expensive than my other finds ($8.99) but the faded mauve wisteria reminded me of a spring afternoon that I spent  in the village of Molyvos on the island of Lesvos, Greece and that I will always, always remember.


Found on the web 

There were plenty of these frames in various sizes and I regret getting only six of them.

Frames - mydearirene

They are brand new, completely unused from Pottery Barn, only $2.49 each. Pottery Barn still sells them in-store and online and I really felt like this was a steal.

Frames price - mydearirene

For sure,  I’ll group them all on the same wall but it’s for later to decide if I’ll leave them on their own, just like this (these are actually the exact same frames as mine).


Found on 

Or mix them with many different types of frames for a cozy feel to create something like this:


Found on Pinterest 

new couch first

Found on

Possibly combining them with more frames and various vintage signs and clocks that will all blend with the TV?


Found on

Or I might create something minimal and modern in a hallway like this:


Found on


Found on

These pines cones may look like something old and undesirable,

Pine Cones - mydearirene

but I plan on either giving them a weathered look with some paint and make them look like this:


Found on

or even save them until I get the opportunity to add them as finials on bed posts or some other piece of furniture. I loved this idea:


Found on Pinterest 

My last find at the thrift shop was what gave me all the excitement. I’ve been looking for a dresser for the boy’s room for far too long. I wanted something with many drawers, not too high so that it can also serve as a nightstand on one side of the bed, and with clean straight lines, no curves. The moment I saw this, I knew it was exactly what I needed:

Dresser - mydearirene

And for $20.99, there was no way I would leave it behind.

The hardware alone costs way more than the dresser itself! I might remove the handles and keep them for another piece of furniture. Hopefully, the new dresser will look somewhat like the Jordan Extra Wide Dresser and will be a good match with the white IKEA desk row that’s already in the room.

img87cFound on Pottery Barn Kids 

Before closing this post, I wanted to share this item that was forgotten in the trunk all weekend. There was a curb alert in the neighborhood and as I was driving by, I saw this turquoise mirror: Mirror - mydearirene

and I knew I had seen a similar one somewhere:


Salvaged Mansard Black from Restoration Hardware

With some sanding and stain, I might get it to look just like this expensive one from Restoration Hardware.

Have you been thrifting lately? I’d love to see what you got!


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  1. I’ve only just become a convert of thrift stores. Glassware is one of the things I love to look for along with older high quality aluminum bakeware. I’ve got to stay out of them for a bit now – at least until I make sure I’ve got room for the pieces I already have!

    • Aluminum bakeware? I hadn’t thought of that. Any brand in particular? I should stay out, too, but thrifting is so much fun! Thanks for stopping by, Vanessa 🙂

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