Lemons, Limes & Flowers Table Setting

Lemons, Limes & Flowers Table Setting

For the second weekend in a row we’re having friends over for dinner and I’m styling our dining table with the exact same decor. It’s easy to put everything together as I have all the items in my home, except maybe for the limes which I bought last minute.

And because no two homes have the exact same plates, same flatware, stemware, or decorative objects, I’m giving you some alternatives to get a similar look with what is probably already in your home.

It goes without saying that the star of this table setting is the fresh citrus – yellow lemons and green limes. I bought large bags of both at Costco at low prices. After I use them to decorate the dinner table, I will enjoy them in a large bowl as an impressive colorful display in another part of the house. And before it’s too late, I will refrigerate them all. With the lemons, I’ll be making lemonade, maybe a cake or other sweets, and I’ll add the juice of the limes in vinaigrettes and in the guacamole (unfortunately no one enjoys margaritas in this house). That’s a lot of citrus but it can be stored in the fridge for more than a month and I’ll make sure to use it all!

So the lemons and limes are scattered on the table here and there …

Two Plates - mydearirene

along with very small bouquets of flowers that are tied with a twine string.  It’s not too often that I’ll use artificial flowers, but it happened that I bought those (along with the tulips and a green garland) for a wreath that I haven’t made yet. As the flowers are not in the water, it’s a good solution to have faux ones, here on the table.  Alternatively, you can tie small bunches of real greenery from your garden such as fern, or some other leafy plant and even herbs. Make sure that it’s a variety that will stay fresh throughout the night.

Small Bouquets - mydearirene

I added more yellow and green to the table with the tulips.  They’re smaller pieces cut from long flower branches and from a green garland.  They’re really inexpensive at the craft store but you can definitely use something fresh and green from the garden and, of course, real flowers are always the best solution!

Instead of a vase, I used the distressed Terra Cotta pots that I made a while ago.

Diy Distressed Pots - mydearirene

I also filled some of the pots with lemons and limes – the bottom part is filled with something random like a plastic bag or anything that will provide a stable layer for the lemons and limes to sit on, but that will not show.

You can use any kind of container for this arrangement, either plain terra cotta pots or even baskets of different sizes.

Limes and Lemons - mydearirne

The other part of this table setting that I like is the addition of the wooden cutting boards. Not only do they add a more relaxed and casual look to the table that is so in line with the season, but they’re actually practical and functional as they can be used as trivets.

Cutting Boards On The Table - mydearirene

The napkin rings are another diy from a long time ago. Consider using a gros-grain ribbon in a matching color instead, and tie a bow around the cutlery.

Napkin Ring - mydearirene

The plates are white and I’m always in favor of having at least one neutral set which can be used for almost every occasion.

One Plate - mydearirene

The blue linen tablecloth is a Greek treasure from the island of Skyros but you can alternatively use place mats or even keep the table top uncovered. It’s surprisingly nice to see how well the light blue ties with all the other colors.

Citrus Table Settin  - mydearirene

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with friends, colors and good food! Live-Your-Home-My-Dear-Irene



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