Pinecones Dipped In Chalkboard Paint

Pinecones Dipped In Chalkboard Paint

This year, I just can’t have enough pinecones around the house! I love them so much, not only because I can get them for free, but also because they can be used in so many different ways! I’ve already made an oversized topiary with some large pinecones,  I used some beautiful, huge ones to decorate my Thanksgiving table, and today, I’m dipping these smaller ones into some chalkboard paint! Why did I use dark paint?  Well, if you ask me, the most chic color for Christmas is … black! In my eyes, a rich Christmas is linked with black velvet, black taffeta, black silk! There is nothing more noble than the color black for this time of the year, either it’s for a dress, a table setting or just decor!

Black chalkboard paint  has a charcoal tone which matches perfectly well with the brown color of the natural pinecones.

Pinecone On Wood - mydearirene

All the pinecones  that I used are closed and they actually work very well for this project because the paint covers them nicely all over.  It’s also easier to dip them into the can (I used this one) and they drain easily as the paint doesn’t get trapped into the scales.

PineCones On Wood- mydearirene

I covered a few pinecones entirely with the chalkboard paint and I like them just as much, maybe even better!

Chalkboard Covered Pinecone

Most of these pinecones had a little stem on their top, very convenient to attach a ribbon.  I used a black ribbon and thought that a light green, narrow one would also look nice. For the pinecones that did not have a stem, I used a thumb tack to keep the ribbon in place.

They look nice in glass container or a silver tray,

Pine cones On Silver Tray

or between a garland and shimmering lights.

Pinecones In Shimmering Lights - mydearieren



Pinecone With Green Ribbon - mydearirene


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