No-Sew Rustic Thanksgiving Placemats

No-Sew Rustic Thanksgiving Placemats

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and haven’t yet decided on your table decor,  I have the easiest and and cheapest placemats for you! But even if your’re just hosting a dinner party this fall, and would like a rustic table setting, you’ll find that these placemats are perfect. It will literally take you less than an hour to make six placemats and each will not cost more than $2. I’m sharing all the steps so that you can make your own, but also a few easy and affordable ideas for the rest of the table setting .

Thanksgiving Placemat - mydearirene

These placemats are made entirely from burlap:  one darker, larger piece that serves as the placemat, and one smaller, lighter colored piece/tag with a Thanksgiving message.

Give Thanks - mydearirene

The message tag is tied on the placemat with pieces of leather lace on each corner.

Leather Lace - mydearirene

The same leather lace is tied around the linen napkins, and around each candle.

Napkin On Placemat - mydearirene

I am using LED candles (the same ones I used for my Halloween lanterns), as they always look nice and turn out to be less expensive that real votive candles.

Candle - mydearirene

The table is decorated with huge pine cones that I found on the street after a windy day.  These are absolutely beautiful huge pine cones, almost nine inches long. Combined on the table with smaller ones and small natural colorful pumpkins, they give an earthy tone to the table setting.

Pine Cone - mydearirene


Be Grateful - mydearirene

To make six placemats, I used:

  • 6 pieces of darker brown burlap 24 x 20 inches
  • 1 piece of paper cut at 19 x 13 inches
  • For the message tag: 6 pieces of lighter brown or beige burlap 17 x 7 inches &
  • 1 piece of paper cut at 14 x 3 inches
  • Leather lace (from the craft store)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Dark brown marker
  • Scissors

How to make them:

Center the 19 x 13 piece of paper on one piece of darker brow burlap.

Placemat One - www.mydearirene

Starting from the top side  and using the tip of  needle, pull out the first thread that runs in parallel to the paper, starting from the border, little by little, until you can pull out the strand completely.

Placemat Two - mydearirene

Repeat this process, until you have removed 4 consecutive strands on the top part, like so:

Placemat Three - www.mydearirene

Count and leave 4 strands and pull out the consecutive four, to create a pattern.  Repeat on all sides, like so:

Placemat Six - mydearirene

With scissors, cut along the fifth strand.  This will create a straight fringe.

Placemat Seven - mydearirene

Repeat the process for all sides and discard the rest of the fabric.

Placemat Eight - mydearirene

To make the message tag:

Center the  3 x 14 inches paper onto the lighter colored piece of burlap.

Placemat Nine - mydearirene

Repeat the same process as for the placemats, but this time remove only two strands on all sides and cut along the third one. This will make a smaller fringe. Discard the rest of the fabric.

Chose a font and print a message on printer paper. Center the burlap tag on top of the message and trace the message with a marker on the burlap tag.

Placemat Ten - mydearirene

Create as many different Thanksgiving messages as you wish, or alternatively, print the names of your guests for a personalized touch.

Placemat Eleven - mydearirene

To attach the tags onto the placemats, use your tapestry needle to pass the leather lace through all four corners. Tie a knot for each one.

Placemat Twelve - mydearirene

This table setting has a neutral and natural look. The few touches of color come mainly from the green glasses and the orange pumpkins, while the linen napkins and the shiny and heavy cutlery add a more sophisticated touch,  and that’s just enough for a rustic but chic Thanksgiving gathering!

Thanksgiving Table Setting - mydearirene


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