Seasonal Bathroom Summer Art

Seasonal Bathroom Summer Art

We’ve been in Greece for the last couple of weeks spending time with our family, friends, enjoying the beautiful weather, the beaches and, of course, amazing food. But before leaving our home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I spent some time making sure that I would leave the house tidy.  When putting away the left over materials from my latest projects I found myself making some cute and easy seasonal art for the bathroom in the guest bedroom. Although I took some pictures (as I always do),  I didn’t think it was worth posting it, not because I didn’t like the result (I loved it!), but  because it was extremely easy to make. Nevertheless, I just showed my sister Irene the photos and she really liked it, too. After all, it may be worth sharing….

The two starfish were left from the Starfish Wreath that I put up by the home entrance and the two wooden frames were left over from the Wall Gallery. I got them for a few cents at a garage sale some years ago.  I only bought them because as I was holding them, the lady proudly informed me that her husband made them himself and that they were only 50 cents each.  I just couldn’t put them back on the floor…. I thought I would somehow insult her and her husband, so they ended up in my garage, just plain frames with no glass and no back part. And just perfect for a little bathroom summer decor!

The starfish are affixed with craft putty directly on the wall in the center of each frame. As the frames have no glass, the starfish add texture and volume onto the walls.

Frames In The Bathroom - My Dear Irene

Fall is not so far away and I can think of a couple of other items, other than the summer starfish, to insert in the two frames and turn them into seasonal decor.

Starfish In Frame - My Dear Irene

What would you do with two starfish?

Two Starfish - My Dear Irene


Live Your Home - My Dear Irene


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