Welcome the Summer with a Starfish Wreath

Welcome the Summer with a Starfish Wreath

I just love it when I can put together a little project in under 10 minutes.  Especially when the result is both pretty and unexpected.  Even though  we aren’t living in a beach house and our home isn’t located by the sea, I still wanted something “summer looking” by the front door.

I took apart an old starfish and shell guirland that I found in my summer decor box in the garage. That was all I needed to create a basic but beautifully simple wreath.

To make it perfectly round, I traced a big circle on paper (I used an extra large round platter as a pattern), then  stuck it temporarily on the wall and affixed each starfish with craft putty around the paper circle.  I then took off the paper and my “Less is More Starfish Wreath” was ready!

Paper Circle

I mixed together smaller and larger starfish and they all kind of matched together. No need for a supporting wreath (wire, wood or foam).  The starfish are arranged in a perfect circle to create the wreath itself.

The wreath would look just as great on any wall inside the house, on top of the fireplace in the living room or in any other room. For a contrast, the starfish can also be painted in a color that matches the room decor.

Starfish Wreath By The Wall - My Dear Irene

Depending on the texture of the surface, use the most appropriate kind of adhesive.  I used some craft putty but since the wall shingles are not completely straight and kind of shiny, a couple of heavier starfish  need something stronger. I might use either Glue Dots or maybe even my hot glue gun.  I just have to make sure that it won’t leave any traces when I take the starfish down.

Two Starfish - My Dear Irene

Initially, I wanted to place the wreath onto the main entrance door but the door itself has too many grooves and most starfish wouldn’t stay in place.  But the wall on its left, by the doorbell, is just as nice, if not even better!

Welcome The Summer - My Dear Irene

Live Your Home - My Dear Irene



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