Paper Napkin Covered Easter Eggs – Part III – How To Package Them

Paper Napkin Covered Easter Eggs – Part III – How To Package Them

I hope you enjoyed my step by step tutorials on how to make my paper napkin covered Easter eggs (Part I) and my favorite way of displaying them (Part II).  Besides creating, the other best part is sharing.  I made a few extra of these lovely and delicate Easter eggs to give as a present to a few friends and teachers. And I needed an original way to package them.  Of course, you can always use baskets, bowls, ceramic pots etc, but how about the obvious?  An egg carton? Elegantly covered with the same pattern as the eggs themselves?

To make them, I used:  a six-egg paperboard carton, the upper two layers of the same paper napkin that I used to decorate my eggs, mat Mod Podge, scissors, and a sandpaper sponge. Materials

First, I carefully removed and discarded the label that was on the top part of the egg package and sanded it lightly to make the surface smooth and even.

Egg Carton

I applied some Mod Podge on the part that I wanted to cover (the upper part or “lid” of the carton box) and placed a piece of napkin slightly larger than the area to cover. This is the exact same technique that I used to make my Easter eggs, only now I’m using it on an egg carton.

Wrapping An Egg Carton

With clean and dry hands, I smoothed out the surface until all sides were nicely covered , and cut any excess napkin from the sides. Last, I added some of the same patterned napkin in the interior of the lid where there was a typed text.

Easter Egg Carton

Not only is this egg carton box the perfect Easter present to a friend or teacher,  but it can also be a nice Easter decorative touch to your home.

Easter Present

All presents need a ribbon, right? A colorful fabric ribbon was too busy, so I went for a raffia ribbon that goes so well with the egg carton and gives it a rustic look.

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive one of these?

Wrapped Easter Egg Carton

And open it, too!

Unwrapped Easter Present

I can’t wait until we get to offer them!

What A Lovely Easter Present!

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