Succulent Plants Everywhere!

Succulent Plants Everywhere!

Happy Friday! Is it just me or do you, too, see succulent plants everywhere nowadays?  Not only in the nurseries, but also in stores, magazine articles, TV shows, and blog posts! It seems that succulents have taken over the universe lately! And it feels like I’m the only one around who doesn’t own and grow one! The truth is that with our moving from state to state over the last few years, buying outdoor plants is not a smart thing to do as I would have to leave them behind every time we would move.  I do have two large planters (one in the backyard and one by the front door) that I re-fill with seasonal flowers every few months, but that’s about  it.  No moving company will pack and load a plant, they won’t even load the soil!

That’s the reason that although I’d love to get my hands dirty in the garden, there isn’t much going on in our backyard. But this morning, I decided to buy a couple of mini succulents for about a dollar each.  They’re so inexpensive that I can afford (financially) to leave them behind if we have to move again. I don’t know, however, if it would cost to me in a sentimental way…

Store Bought Succulents

The original plan was that all three of them would all go in a bigger and shallow pot that I would place out on the garden table.  But for a few weeks I’d like to keep them in the house.  So I got out three little empty glass food jars, and planted them there. Any kind of jar can do the job. Mine are shallow and with a wide opening, like baby food ones.  Unlike regular planting pots, these glass jars can be on any surface without leaking and leaving water marks.  

Placed In A Jar

They’ll stay by my kitchen window for a while but you can place them anywhere in your home.


They’ll change the look of any room in just a second!

Three Succulents

Each one has a different shade of green and some varieties have parts that get reddish/brownish/purplish, which makes them even more interesting! 


So much going on and so little spent! My glass food jars have turned into planting pots and by arranging them in group they’ve become such an interesting addition to my home.

Honey Bee Background

There is a huge variety of succulents to chose from and they all need so little care but they can last forever! Just water them generously during the hot months but allow soil to dry between waterings.

My Three Potted Succulents

Plant one outdoors or alternatively use a glass jar instead of a pot to keep them inside your home, as I did.  You’ll love it, too!

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