From Water Fountain to a Beautiful Planter

From Water Fountain to a Beautiful Planter

It’s already been a week in our new house, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and although we’ve made huge progress, there is definitely a lot more to do. It’s going to be a while before this feels like home!!

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

So, today, I’m leaving aside all the boxes, to get my hands on something that will cheer me up. I’ve had this water fountain from the time we lived in L.A. This is sort of what it looked like (photo from Mosaicstile). Although the one I found was left in my backyard dirty and in pieces.yellow-limestone-fountainWhen my asked my wonderful landlord if I could have it, I had a few ideas in mind for what to do with it. Now, in San Francisco, I split them up and put one in my backyard and one by the front door. 


Front-door Planter Before

Today, I’m going to fill them with annuals for an instant mind & garden uplift. The big one, is in my backyard, and is filled with pinks, purples, and whites to remind me that it’s still summer.

Backyard Planter

The smaller one is now placed by the front door, filled with yellows and oranges to save me some cash and time when its really time for the fall decor in a couple of weeks. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Front door planter

And finally, time for a coffee break!

Coffee Break


2 Responses to From Water Fountain to a Beautiful Planter

  1. My dear Angelica,
    This is an amazing idea you had, I’m not talking about the water fountain (which is also great) but about this blog!!!!! You guys did a fantastic job with it, colors are super, everything is fantastic, I love the chairs!!!!
    But the big thing about it is that you can acctualy show how someone can be creative and inspired with very simple daily things and get a satisfaction. I also like very much the idea that you try things, you see how they work and finally you give me (and now share with everybody) the most perfect version with all the small and critical details that will lead to greatest result.
    Good luck my dear Angelica, I know this is made from your heart.
    I love you
    Your sister Irene

    • My dear Irene,
      Thanks so much! As if skyping, calling, texting and emailing was not enough, now we can also reach each other through this blog!

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