DIY Mirrors – An Easy Afternoon Project

DIY Mirrors – An Easy Afternoon Project

You’ll love this project! It’s easy, fast, beautiful, original, inexpensive and much more!

The supplies were all from one store, so there was no running around to gather everything.  In less than an hour, I had three cute mirrors up and hanging in my daughter’s room.  Here is what I did:

I bought three embroidery hoops (two with a  7 inch diameter and one with a 12 inch diameter), and three mirrors with the exact same diameter as my hoops, all from Michael’s.


I used only the larger rings of each hoop (the ones with the metal screw) and painted them a dark grey. I originally painted  the larger one grey and the two smaller ones pink, because I wanted them to match the rest of the room, see here.  but I didn’t like how the pink ones turned out, so I repainted them in grey. I was extra careful not to paint the gold screw.  I liked that little detail too much. 


When they were dry, I affixed the mirrors inside the rings by applying hot glue in the back of  the mirror, exactly where it was touching the rim of the hoop.  I was home alone when doing this, and it would had helped if someone was holding the mirror in place while I was working with the hot glue gun; you want the mirror to sit in the back of the ring.  I let them dry  for a few minutes and hung them!

Applying Glue

My beautiful mirrors were a combination of the projects of two bloggers (Katie from Bower Power who loves doing all kinds of projects with embroidery hoops and Jackie from Teal and Lime with her 5-Minute DIY Driftwood Mirrors). Thank you for the inspiration!

Three Mirror Relection

Isn’t it amazing that I found the mirrors being the exact same size as the embroidery hoops? Who said that DIY isn’t a little bit of luck, as well?

All three finished mirrors cost me less than $ 16. Pretty good, right? They would also look nice in the guest bathroom, the mudroom, and even above a nightstand.

Three Mirrors

The size of the larger one is perfect as it is big enough to reflect the whole face.

I hung them on the wall next to the door. after making sure that the height was right for a quick make-up fix when my daughter is on her way out…


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