Easy Wall Art

Easy Wall Art

After  finishing my daughter’s beautiful  upholstered headboard  (if you haven’t seen it yet, you can see it here), the wall around it seemed extremely empty. There are two windows on that same wall, one the right and one on the left of the bed but they’re high up and there was plenty of space underneath them for some art. When I was taking the pictures a week ago, I realized that I loved the color combination of the dark grey headboard fabric with the  light pink  of the camellia that was in the vase on the nightstand. So, I decided to extend that same color scheme on the wall art.

I had kept a photocopy of a Martha Stewart Living article (September 2013 issue) on bird feeders.  I liked the shape of the birds and thought that, maybe, I could get something out of them in the future. And I was right!

Black And White Photocopy

 I enlarged four of them (that’s how many I needed). I cut them out…

Four Birds Black And White

…and traced their outline on the back of white carton paper.  I chose some paper with ridges for additional texture. I thought it would look a little more interesting. But it was pink I was going for, so I used some  satin pink craft paint to give the birds the color I wanted.

Pearl Pink

I centered and glued each of them separately on some charcoal carton.  And finally, I used an 18K Gold Leafing Pen to draw the birds’ legs, eyes and food.  That’s about as far as my artistic talent goes!

One Bird With Gold Legs

I also dug up two 2-pack metallic frames that were on clearance some time ago at Joann’s…

Clearance Frames

… and spray painted them gold.  But they weren’t shiny enough so I added a coat of gold metallic craft paint with a foam brush. Lots of gold going on!!

Metallic Gold

Ready to take their places above the bed.  

Three Birds Close Up

Or maybe on the side.  Actually, I placed three of them on the left of the bed and one on the right.  I thought it made more sense since as you enter the room you see only the left part of the wall.  Plus there is a lampshade on the nightstand on the right, and  it would completely hide a second frame.

Entering Into The RoomI wasn’t sure if they would work well with the windows above, but I placed them relatively low and they are perfect!

Wall ArtI really like how my new wall art is discreet enough to not interfere with the monogram on the headboard, but at the same time it fills up the wall in a stylish way.

Bed Close Up

With a branch from a Purple Leaf Plum tree, blooming this February in the backyard, this is an absolute chinoiserie look!

Easy Wall Art

I hope you like them as much as I do and maybe go for a similar look in a bedroom or maybe  a hallway!

p.s.  I got the latest issue of House Beautiful in the mail today.  Look at the color palette of the Benjamin Moore ad: Satin black, antique pearl pink, snow white and moonlight gold. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only fan of these colors!

Benjamin Moore



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  1. This is so nice and simple…
    I have to admit, you have inspired me so much with all these ideas of grey and soft pink for you daughters bedroom, that I can’t wait to use them in my daughters bedroom in the new house in athens, where we will move soon. Although I don’t know about the monogram stitches..
    Maybe I’ll get lucky and my sister will help me…

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