Beautiful Fabric Decoupage Pumpkins That Look Like They’re Hand-Painted

Beautiful Fabric Decoupage Pumpkins That Look Like They’re Hand-Painted

These fabric pumpkins are nothing like you’ve seen before! They’re made with decoupage fabric motifs so they look as if they’re hand-painted! If you’re in the mood to make a few, follow along, I’ll show you how, it’s all very easy ~ I promise!

What makes these pumpkins special from any other decoupage fabric technique that you may have seen, is that only the motif is cut out and glued onto the pumpkin and not strips of fabric that cover the entire pumpkin.

I was initially planning on using both white and blue pumpkins but the fabric didn’t look good on the blue ones, so I kept the blue ones plain and used them as part of the décor. To complete the décor, I also mixed in some natural little pumpkins for extra color.

Mixing different motifs of different sizes gives more variety and beauty.

Once they were all done, I arranged them inside a silver plated tray on the living room coffee table, and they look splendid!

Here is what you need to make yours:

The fabric is a remnant of a remnant that I had used for the makeover of this chair. What was left of it worked perfectly for this project as well. You will need a fabric with different types of motifs. Motifs that work well include flowers, leaves, birds all in different sizes and in pretty colors.

You can use the pumpkins in their natural color or you can paint them with acrylic paint – as I did. Then, (1) simply cut out the motifs, (2) apply a thin coat of fray block around the border of each cut-out motif  (3)  Allow a couple minutes for the fray block to dry and (4) use Mod Podge to glue the motifs onto the pumpkin, pressing with your fingers along the pumpkin’s shape and lines. That easy!

Happy fall!

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