Easy DIY “Gold Foil” Art Print – For Valentine’s Day!

Easy DIY “Gold Foil” Art Print – For Valentine’s Day!

You, too, can make a gold foil art print at home, similar to the ones featured on gallery walls and professionally styled bookshelves in beautifully decorated homes and offices {here is one I like}. You don’t need to have any extraordinary creative talent, nor do you have to own any expensive equipment or complicated tools! The technique I’m showing you today is the simplest and easiest you will ever find. You’ll be able to transfer a message or a quote in shiny metallic gold letters onto paper. You can frame it to style your home, office or even better, to offer to your sweet Valentine in a few days.

I often try to make things easy and I even cheat a little when it comes to copying ideas, that’s why instead of using metallic foil paper for this project, I’m using … simple shiny gold metallic alphabet letters.

I had no white paper in stock that was big enough to fit the frame’s dimensions, so I decided to use some striped wrapping paper which actually worked quite well, as the lines helped to position my stickers as I was forming each word (note: to form a sticker quote on plain paper, trace lines with a disappearing ink marker or draw thin pencil lines that can easily be erased).

In a few minutes the quote was formed. Can it get any easier than that?

Here is a good spot to place it, in my daughter’s room.

You can get really creative and make all kinds of quotes using alphabet stickers in different sizes and colors and not necessarily metallic ones, depending on the style you want to get. Just make sure to chose the type of stickers that peel-off and leave the excess sticker material attached to the back paper, otherwise this technique will not work. Also, the stickers have to be held gently while being positioned onto the paper as it’s very easy to deform and destroy them.

Hope you have lots of fun creating an inspirational quote for this art print!

Alphabet Stickers: Paper Source / Striped Wrapping Paper:  Home Goods / Frame: Michael’s


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