White Forest Christmas Table Setting

White Forest Christmas Table Setting

I first started thinking about my Christmas table setting in August last summer, when I found this remnant on sale at my local fabric store. I bought it, not too sure how I was going to use it.


As Christmas approached and time was flying by, I decided to go the easy way and use the fabric to make three table runners that would be placed across the table, each to form a two-person placemat. It was an easy sewing project – but one can always skip the sewing part and use fusible bonding web instead~ the result will be just as good!

The most difficult part, however was to decide on a table top décor that would look nice with this busy pattern. An all white décor ended being the most elegant solution ~ don’t you agree?


A neutral dinnerware with white plates, white linen napkins and silver cutlery was the best choice with the winter-forest patterned textile.



The center piece is actually placed on the side of the table – its tall size should not disrupt table conversation. The bouquet is composed of white branches; some are fabric, others are plastic but they blend nicely together. The branches are placed inside a tall vase which is covered with a neutral colored tree bark garland to hide the dry foam inside.


The table is also decorated with a white garland and white pinecones. Contrary to what you would believe, the pinecones are not DIY as I found these white washed pinecones for $2 for a pack of eight.


The white globes are actually light fixture parts from the hardware store. They come in various sizes and are very inexpensive. They are illuminated, each with two LED votives [battery operated] that I placed inside them ~ I stole this idea from Martha Stewart’s magazine.



I’m going to try to be back before Christmas with one more post.  If not, I wish you all a very very Merry Christmas!


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