Mini Canvas Christmas Gift Tags – So Cute & Easy To Make!

Mini Canvas Christmas Gift Tags – So Cute & Easy To Make!

Each holiday season, I devote a little extra time to make gift wrapping extra special, and this year was no exception! My personalized mini canvas gift tags are so easy to make, absolutely adorable and totally affordable!


These gift tags are nothing more than mini white canvases with a 3D holiday sticker on them and a stenciled monogram. To make them even more festive, I added a length of red ribbon around the canvas, plus some more ribbon on the back to hang them.


I wrapped the presents in simple Kraft paper and a vivid red ribbon to match the gift tags. I can’t wait to start giving presents this year!


There are quite a few 3D holiday stickers to chose from ~ I saw some cute Santa hats and some felt Christmas trees ~  but I found these green/red wreaths very elegant.



They can also be used as place cards for your Christmas table or they can make the most beautiful Christmas tree ornaments:


With just one trip to the craft store, you can get everything you need to make them too!


1. With a stencil and a permanent marker, trace the monogram in the center of the canvas.

2. Using tape, secure both ends of a 10-inch long ribbon on a work surface to keep it steady. Then, apply small quantities of fabric glue using a toothpick, all along its length.

3. Working fast, remove and discard the tape and wrap/glue the ribbon around the canvas. Cut off any excess ribbon before pressing down and neatly overlapping ribbon ends.

4. On the back side of the canvas, secure a length of ribbon with a thumbtack.

5. Position the sticker in the center of the canvas. Ready!

6. Both the stickers and the canvases I used came in packages of six ~ I had half a dozen gift tags ready in no time!


I tried to match my ribbon with the one the wreath so it seems as if the entire ornament was made by one person.



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