30+ Inspirational Details That Can Transform The Area Around Your Kitchen Sink

30+ Inspirational Details That Can Transform The Area Around Your Kitchen Sink

I’m always curious to see what people keep around their kitchen sink:  A bottle of dish soap, for sure, a sponge or a scrub brush. But what else?

I find that the area around the kitchen sink is prime real estate! Everybody gathers around this tiny space, many times per day to perform multiple tasks; on the countertops around it, you must keep the absolute essentials, you may also want to have some decorative items but you still need to have enough space to chop, mix and prep food, plus more to wash and dry all the cookware. It’s hard to keep it clean and organized at all times and no one really enjoys the chores associated with it. And yet, it can be a beautiful space when it’s well taken care of and nicely decorated ~ with minor little changes, it can easily be dressed and freshened up very often and without breaking the bank! A new soap dispenser, a small tray that keeps everything organized, a green plant, or a piece of art are just examples of items you can bring around your kitchen sink to make it look great and turn the chores into something more enjoyable!

That’s why I often change, add or rearrange the things around my kitchen sink. Sometimes, something as little as the scent of a new dish liquid soap is enough to make me start fresh!

So today,  I’m sharing what I have by my kitchen sink plus some favorite and inspirational photos of kitchen sink areas that I’ve gathered over the years.

This is my kitchen sink corner in the new home in Houston, TX.


Near the sink I don’t have much: I keep a sponge and a scrub brush inside a vintage pewter bowl and I also have a glass jar filled with baking soda and a small succulent. The kitchen had already a built-in soap dispenser, so I don’t need an additional dish soap container.


I buy baking soda in bulk and keep it in a medium size glass jar ~ it’s an amazing cleaning/disinfecting powder for the sink, the pots and for so many more uses. Inside the jar, I keep a scoop to easily pour the baking soda on any surface.


It is so easy to care for succulents and they’re also totally inexpensive. I slid this one with its plastic pot – no replanting needed – into a metallic goblet that has an engraved equestrian emblem ~ a $1 thrift shop find. It doesn’t require much water or much sun.


I run the dishwasher daily but there are always a few items that need to be washed by hand. Instead of having a bulky drying rack, I lay a drying mat by the kitchen sink that I can hang away when I need more counter space.


This kitchen has an elevated shelf above the countertop that can accommodate a few more items. That’s where I keep the cutting boards and fresh fruit. The wooden pumpkin is a decorative item that will go away when the winter season arrives.


On the other side of the sink, I keep the countertops empty so that gives me plenty of room to work and cook. The elevated shelf continues around the sink – on the left side where I have a tiered stand with more fruit.


Soon, I will rearrange a few things, maybe add an item or two, switch the pumpkin with a Christmas ornament, and start fresh! – detail I love: I don’t use the tip-out tray under the kitchen sink very much, so instead, I found that it’s a great place to hang the kitchen towel:


I’ve gathered for you some of my inspirational  kitchen sink areas, each with a detail that makes it special. Even though most of them are staged, I hope you can take an element or two that can be applied to your own kitchen!

In this Martha Stewart kitchen, white porcelain trays keep the dispensers and the brushes neat and organized – (detail I love: no need to spend a lot on a dish soap dispenser – this one is actually a recycled glass bottle with a pour sprout).



Choose a tray that best fits the style of your kitchen – (detail I love: lighting a candle while doing dishes for a relaxing atmosphere).



A pedestal cake stand elevates the essentials and gives extra space for smaller things around it – (detail I love: the rolled kitchen towels, clean and fresh, that are an easy reach).


It is always a good idea to have a basket in almost any room of the house, so why not by the kitchen sink? – (detail I love: the basket partitions keep everything straight and in place).



A plant by the sink adds an element from nature – (detail I love: the bucket used as a cache-pot and the vintage tureen used as a pot).



If space allows it, bigger plants make a bigger effect – (detail I love:  the one item that we all should see when facing our kitchen sink – a clock! (or maybe not?)).


This kitchen is fresh and happy and so are all the items that surround the sink – (details I love: the use of a trivet to hold the soap dispenser in lieu of a dish, and a large mug turned into a flower vase).



Open shelves above the sink are certainly convenient and are a great way to decorate your kitchen – (detail I like:  the addition of the tiny shelf placed low that keeps the essentials off the countertop and gives extra working space).



More shelves above the sink – (detail I love: the dish drying rack hangs above the sink and frees up valuable space from the countertop).


Found on Pinterest

These industrial shelves should be super easy to install and they can hold plenty! – (detail I love: the table lamp in the kitchen; try it! You would never imagine how beautifully it will transform the atmosphere in your kitchen!)


This sink is actually located in a mud room, but I loved the style of those shelves so much that I thought it was worth sharing – (detail I love: dedicate the entire area above the sink to showcase a collection).



Even if there is a window above your kitchen sink, you can always accommodate a small shelf across the window… – (detail I love: a pretty pitcher holds the scrubbing brushes and lets them dry).

5d43780ab73d3f9cd2ec741f4f507e95Found on Pinterest

or above the window – (details I love: nostalgia for cute Parisian café curtains and country style demijohns – here used as a vase).


Found on Pinterest

A wall near a kitchen sink creates a cozy nook for displaying a group of decorative items – (detail I love: (1) the hooks that are positioned high on the wall instead of having them on a base cabinet (2) the cutting boards hanging from the hook).



A mirror above the kitchen sink?  Why not? – (detail I love: the addition of the Christmas wreath that has transformed the kitchen sink area into a celebration place and not a work zone).


Found on Pinterest

This small kitchen is the perfect example showing that you don’t need a big space to make a place look amazing! – (details I love: (1) the framed painting that is more of a living room/dining room item, hangs on the left and elevates the space from kitchen norm to sophisticated. (2) the combination of colors: white, black and caramel (baskets) plus a touch of green. (3) the variety of materials in perfect proportions: lots of white porcelain,  a few pewter items, and just a couple wicker baskets for warmth.



This is another small area but elegantly decorated – (detail I love: the picture light above the art is an unexpected fixture for a kitchen – note: you can find battery operated ones that don’t require an electric installation).


Found on Pinterest

When the main sink is located on a kitchen island, there is not much you can have around it – (detail I love: the porcelain berry colander that hides the brush but lets it dry).



I saved my favorite one for last. This white kitchen is fresh and clean ~ simply beautiful! – (details I love: (1)  the basket that is used in lieu of a dish drying rack (2) the ceramic shell that is turned into a succulent planter).



So, what do you keep by your kitchen sink?Live-Your-Home-My-Dear-Irene-1

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