DIY Pull-Out Basket For The Kitchen – Mounted In Minutes!

DIY Pull-Out Basket For The Kitchen – Mounted In Minutes!

The kitchen in the new house is an older kitchen from the 80’s. It doesn’t have any of the modern elements that many of our previous kitchens had: no massive island, no professional range, and no clever storage spaces. Plus, it’s half the size of our previous kitchens. The cabinets are very basic and their shelves are not even adjustable. I’m not complaining, though, because it is a really bright and happy kitchen  ~ I’ve managed to find my way around it and I’m enjoying cooking!

The one thing I really miss, however, are the the pull-out shelves on the base cabinets. In the San Francisco home, I had pull out baskets like these  and pull out shelves similar to these.  They were absolutely fantastic as no one wants to bend over and dig around inside deep cabinets! Since this kitchen has nothing like that, I decided to make an easy, quick and inexpensive pull out shelf/basket that would give me some practical storage. With just a basket, a mechanism from the hardware store, a few screws and 20 minutes from my afternoon, I added this pull-out basket into one of the lower cabinets. It turned out not only functional but also extremely cute!

Inside it, I arranged the smaller appliances that are now just a pull away! The basket slides all the way out and stops just like a drawer. I can easily reach for the item I need and slide the basket back inside the cabinet.  Every item has its place inside the basket, so I don’t have to move things around when I try to reach something in the back.

Under Cabinet Pull-Out Basket

Here is how the mechanism extends, when the basket is pulled out.

Pull-Out Basket Mechanism -

It can also be converted into a basket for onions & potatoes, or a bread basket:

Pull-Out Basket With Onions -

Or it may be used as an additional drawer to store kitchen towels, extra sponges or even ziplocs:

Pull Out Basket With Kitchen Towels -

Whatever the use, I love the functionality!

DIY Pull-Out Basket In The Kitchen -

Here is how I made it.  I used:

Materials -

The drawer slides come in a package of two and you can find them at your hardware store.  They are meant to be mounted on the sides of the a drawer, but I mounted them on top of the shelf.  This drawer slides set comes with 12 wood screws, but I used only 6 of them. I spent some time trying to understand how the mechanism works and which part goes where, before starting.

Drawer Slides -

There are two parts to the slide: 1) the cabinet part which is drilled onto the shelf and 2) the drawer part which is attached to the basket. To separate the two from one another, gently release the black lever, and the parts will easily detach, as shown on the right, here:

Separate The Slides -

Attach the drawer parts on the bottom of the basket by inserting the machine screws through the basket (the screws will find their way to the other side) and secure the screws from inside the basket with a flat washer and a cap nut. On each slide, I used 3 machine screws, 3 washers and 3 cap nuts.

Under The Basket -

Here is what the basket looks from the inside:

Basket Inside 2 - mydearirene.com_edited-1

The screws are well secured with the washers and the cap nuts inside the basket:
Detail Inside Basket 2 - mydearirene.com_edited-1

The next step is to position the cabinet parts inside the cabinet: to make sure that they will be placed at a correct interval, I first attached them to the basket, I then placed the basket inside the cabinet at the desired place and then slid the drawer out, to expose the cabinet shelf and cabinet parts.  With a pencil I marked the spots where I needed to drill.  I did this alone, but you may need someone to hold the basket in place while you make the pencil marks. You need to make sure that the cabinet parts are placed at the correct spot so that the basket is not too far inside the cabinet, that it can slide all the way out, and that the cabinet door will close when the basket is pulled back. Once you have marked the drilling spots, detach the basket  (by releasing the lever) and drill holes to attach the cabinet parts in place, using six out of the twelve wood screws that came with the slides set (three on each slide).

Position The Cabinet Parts -

Then, simply slide the basket into the cabinet mechanism!

I’ve decided to use it to store the food processors and their accessories but I’m sure that I will be making many more in the future for the other lower cabinets

Slide-Out Basket For The Kitchen -


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