Plant It Yourself: Hyacinth Bulbs In A Vintage Tureen

Plant It Yourself:  Hyacinth Bulbs In A Vintage Tureen

Around this time of the year, you should be able to find potted hyacinths at your garden center. You can place the plastic pot directly in a pretty cachepot or, even better, you can replant the bulb in an elegant serving bowl, just as I did today. Either way, waiting and watching the hyacinths grow and bloom over the next few weeks is a worthy process! Their scent will fill the house and their colors are absolutely splendid!

Replanting is simple and fun, a perfect afternoon project for everyone, but take everything outdoors as it will get very messy!

Gather Your Garden Materials iii -

A layer of coco liner  placed on the bottom of the bowl will hold the water better when watering the plant.

Place The Coco Liner ii -

Add planting soil, but not too much if your container is shallow, like mine.

Cover With Soil -

Place the hyacinth bulbs on top, making sure that the leaves and the flowers are clean from any dirt – if needed, gently rinse them under water before placing them in the pot.  Add more soil around them,

Add The Hyacinth Bulbs -

but make sure to leave enough room for the baby’s tears.

Add The Baby Tears -

With some damp paper towel, wipe clean the container and the leaves.

Tureen Pot With Plant -

Baby’s tears add greenness and covers the soil that no one likes to see on an indoor plant. Instead of baby’s tears, you can also use moss.

Blue And Pink Hyacinth Bulbs -

Even from their early stage, you can tell which bulbs will grow into larger flowers. Choose the thicker and healthier ones. As per their colors, they’re all beautiful!  I got two blue and one pink!

Planted Hyacinth Bulbs

A tureen is not only perfect for serving soup ~ it has the perfect size and shape to be used for a planting pot, too. Vintage tureens can be found at garages sales and thrift stores. I bought this one at Goodwill but I can’t remember the cost, surely not more than $10.  It is stamped: Henry Alcock & Co England Parisian Porcelain and from what I can see online they sell for $40+.

Tureen -

What I like best about this specific one is the detail on the handles.

Vintage Tureen -

I can’t wait to see the hyacinths bloom! All they need now is to be watered frequently and to keep the baby’s tears always moist.

Doesn’t this make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves flowers?



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