Glamorous DIY Copper-Scaled Glass Ornaments

Glamorous DIY Copper-Scaled Glass Ornaments

If copper is the trendy metal, that’s what my Christmas ornaments will be made of! Here is a do-it-yourself that you will love for how quick, smart and easy it is! See how you can transform any older and dated round ornaments – or new and inexpensive ones –  into  modern and sparkling ones!

You will need:

CopperScaled Ornaments -

It will literally take you less than a minute to have one ready. After making a few, you’ll get the hang of it and they will turn out perfect every time!


First, remove the cap from the ornament.

Step x1- mydearirene.com_edited-2

You will then need to unroll the sponge: to do so, find the one copper string that holds the pad together (when you start unfolding, you will see the thread that keeps it together) and cut it.  The sponge will easily unfold and it will look like a long sock. You might need to wear gloves to better handle these scrubbing pads, as they are quite rough.

Step 2x - mydearirene.com_edited-1

Slide the ornament inside the sponge. Twist one end very very firmly.

Step 3 -

Repeat with the other end.

Step 4 - mydearirene.com_edited-1

With sharp scissors, cut both ends just under the twisted part.  Make sure to protect your eyes from the flying bits of wire.

Step 5-

Tuck the one cut end  inside the ornament’s opening.  Place the cap back onto the ornament and press the crown firmly to close in place.  Leave the other cut end as is, it will look like a little tail.

Step 6 -

If you want, you can replace the ornament’s original hanger with a copper one: just twist a five-inch length of copper wire into a circle.

Step 7 -


Christmas Ornaments With Copper -

The twisted part on the bottom is discreet.

Christmas Ornaments Back Part -

Placed on the Christmas tree, these ornaments look absolutely gorgeous! The tree lights reflect through the glass and against the shiny metal, and make these ornaments twinkle and sparkle. It’s everything you need on a Christmas tree!

Copper Scaled Ornaments On Christmas Tree - mydearirene.com_edited-1

They are so very inexpensive, too! One sponge can cover three medium sized ornaments and a pack of three sponges costs a little over $2.  The glass ornaments are on sale at most craft stores during this time of the year, so a half dozen pack will cost just about $5 or $6. The total cost comes to a little more than a dollar per finished copper-scaled ornament! For such a glamorous Christmas ball ornament, you can’t beat that price!

You can make them with any round ornament, whether it’s plastic, glass or foam, or even colored ones. But the transparent glass balls make them look extra stunning and shiny.

I made over twenty of them and my Christmas tree looks better than ever this year! Try them too!


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