DIY Project For Beginners – Spray Painting

DIY Project For Beginners – Spray Painting

I liked the industrial look of this wire basket that I had in the powder room.

Basket Before - mydearirene

but I prefer the new industrial chic look that it now has!

Gold Spray Painted Basket - mydearirene

A can of gold spray paint and a few minutes of your time is all that is needed to upgrade a metallic wire basket into something simply glamorous. This is actually the perfect project for the entry level diy-er as it’s easy, quick and inexpensive. I know that a spray paint may be something terrifying for a few of you, but it’s a good starting point as there is nothing more to it than spraying. Chose a wire basket of any size, shape and color, they all work! And when spraying, make sure to wear a mask, to cover your eyes and hands and to work outdoors.

Painiting The Basket - mydearirene

A pretty basket like this can go anywhere in the house but for now, it’s going back where it used to be – the powder room.

I’m just not sure if it’s best to use it for keeping rolls of toilet paper or

Paper Roll In Basket - mydearirene

place it under the sink for our guests to throw in the used hand towels.

Towels In Basket - mydearirene

A tip for obtaining the best result is to first spray a couple of coats of paint and then turn the basket upside down and spray again to cover the bottom parts of the wire.

Painted Detail - mydearirene

The basket is from Home Goods and the spray paint is from Design Master (Brilliant Gold).

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