A Wall Clock Remake

A Wall Clock Remake

I love, love, love this new wall clock that I put together in a few minutes for the wall just above my daughter’s new vanity desk. This was a final sale item from Crate & Barrel that I bought two moves ago, and last time I saw it it was in perfect shape, properly stored in the garage.  I don’t know how it ended up broken,  but as I always like to say, everything happens for a reason!

The lucite pane that was holding it together was in pieces, but other than that, the clock was working.

Broken Clock - mydearirene

I dissembled it and kept only the internal mechanism with the clock hands.

Disassembled Clock - mydearirene

I spray painted the internal mechanism from all angles, making sure that it was completely covered.

Since I was left with just the hands of the clock, I needed some kind of frame or something that would complete this clock. I first thought of stenciling the hour numbers directly onto the wall; but we are in a rental and there is no leftover paint to cover it when we move out,  nor did I find any pretty number stickers to place directly on the wall. What I did find, however, are these faux pearl stickers which I thought would work. Each is about 1 cm in diameter. Before peeling them off the backing paper, I spray painted them with the same gold spray I used for the mechanism.

Faux Pearl Stickers - mydearirene

To place the pearl stickers at even intervals, I drew a circle on a piece of paper, cut it, folded it in half, and then in half again. The creases marked the 12, 3, 6 & 9 hours. I then marked the rest of the hours at even intervals.

I temporarily placed the paper on the wall,

Cut Paper - mydearirene

Then added the internal mechanism with a nail at the exact center.

Add Mechanism - mydearirene

I affixed the golden pearl stickers around the paper, on the hour marks,

Place Pearl Stickers - mydearirene

and removed the paper. Voila!

Golden Wall Clock - mydearirene

Isn’t it lovely?

Wall Clock - mydearirene

The pearls are discreet and modern – just perfect for the style of this room.

Faux Pearls On Wall - mydearirene

I intentionally placed it towards the left side of the vanity desk, as I’m working on some art  that will go on the right side.

Clock And Vanity Desk  - mydearirene

You don’t need to have a broken clock for such a project.  A  brand new clock movement kit that you can find at the craft store or online will do the job!

Wall Clock Remake - mydearirene



  • Clock movement kit
  • Faux pearl stickers – Michael Stores
  • Gold spray paint




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