Roll The Dice, My Valentine!

Roll The Dice, My Valentine!

Who doesn’t like a Valentine’s Day surprise?  It’s either a few words on a card, a box of chocolate, or a carefully selected bouquet of flowers…the list of typical Valentine’s gifts is quite long. It’s my own little tradition to buy a book for everyone (age appropriate and interest related), and use its first page to write a personal message of love. This year I’m also making for my loved ones something that they are not expecting:  I’m stamping sweet little words on wooden cubes that they will roll as dice. The dice form a short sentence made of words that come from my heart!

I chose mini alphabet letter stamps  to fit my small wooden cubes. I selected two different fonts, the smallest one for the longer words. Every word needs to fit on these small square blocks that measure just 3/4 in. (19 mm).

Materials - mydearirene

Each stamp is different, so it’s a good idea to test it on  paper, first. I could never imagine that stamping could be so much fun! Stamping these dices was so  addictive!

Stamping - mydearirene

To make the sentences work every time,  I covered all sides of the first die with a pronoun and a verb ( i.e. You Are), written in different styles. The second die was filled with adverbs (such as: so, really, truly etc), while on the third one I used adjectives, nouns etc. and even a star stamp. Anything can work!

You Are Simply - mydearirene

They can be offered in a fabric pouch, a little paper favor box, anything small that can hold them.  I am using small empty glass food jars (never throw one away!), spray painted their metallic lid in red,  and decorated their top with Kraft paper cut to size and stamped  “ROLL THE DICE”, as a hint to what’s inside. The glass jar is a nice idea as it can stay on a desk, library shelf etc.

You Are So Very Special - mydearirene

I added some red tissue paper to fill the jar and tiny little hearts punched out of Kraft paper that will spread out with the dice.

Open Jars - mydearirene

This can be a fun project for older children as it takes some practice to fit the letters on the small blocks, while younger children can use stamps with graphics.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


  • Square Blocks 3/4 in. –
  • Capital letter stamps –
  • Tiny letter stamps – Paper Source 



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