“HO HO HO” Christmas Wooden Letters

“HO HO HO” Christmas Wooden Letters

Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of this message from Santa?  My bright and red HO HO HO wooden letters are definitely the happiest of all my Christmas decorations!  The best place to hang them is  in my son’s room and there are a couple of reasons:  First, color wise, the room already had hints of red here and there. Second and most importantly, there is someone in the room who dreams of Santa every night!

Ho Ho Ho Red Chair - mydearirene

And they”re so easy to make!

Get three “H” and three “O” letters from the craft store.

HO White Letters - mydearirene

Spray paint them a bright red.

HO Red Letters - mydearirene

When dry, add a little mounting sticker on the back.

Letters With Dots - mydearirene

Make sure they’re perfectly straight when placing them on the wall!

Use A Level - mydearirene

They can go in every single room of the house, but I knew right away that they would look amazing in the boy’s room.

Ho Ho Ho With Light - mydearirene

My inspiration came from these iron HO HO HO letters from Crate & Barrel.


Mine are wooden and about the same height and width (7″ x 8″), not as deep, but still 3D, and not as pricey.  Each of my wooden letters only cost a couple of dollars.

I was able to fit them all right under the frames that were already above the desk.

Ho Ho Ho With Box - mydearirene

Someone is going to be dreaming of Santa! Again!

Ho Ho Ho With Pencils - mydearirene


Ho Ho Ho In Boys Room - mydearirene


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