Gift Wrapping “Paper”

Gift Wrapping “Paper”

I absolutely love presents wrapped in unexpected ways! One time, many, many years ago I had absolutely no wrapping paper to wrap a shirt I had bought for a friend who was celebrating her birthday. I emptied a box of rigatoni, placed the shirt inside and added a “bow” with various kinds of pasta (penne, tagliatelle nests and whatever pasta was in the pantry)! Such a fun way to offer a present! Although I now always have a bin full of wrapping paper for all occasions, plenty of ribbons and all the other essentials, I sometimes like to go for the unconventional way.

Like today.  I used leftover scraps of metallic window screens  and made individual pouches for a few presents I wanted to ship overseas. Those were remnants from window screen rolls that we used a while ago when placing window screens in the house. With a few buttons and some embroidery floss,

Buttons And Embroidery Floss - mydearirene

They turned out to be so special!

Purple Pouch - mydearirene

First, each present is wrapped into colorful tissue paper.  A piece of window screen is cut to size and folded in two.

Cut To Size - mydearirene

Then it is easily sewed with some embroidery floss. It literally takes a minute!

Sewing Window Screen Sachets - mydearirene

A piece of carton is  slid inside the pouch with the name of the recipient and a wish.

Slide A Note - mydearirene

A button or two are added to make sure that the present will stay in place.

Sewing A Button - mydearirene

Modern, colorful and very special! Perfect for any time of the year.

Yellow Pouch - mydearireneI used bright colors for the tissue paper, the embroidery floss and the buttons. The contrast against the dark gray screen makes all the difference!

Pouches - mydearirene

Mixing a piece of window screen from the hardware store with delicate tissue paper and embroidery floss….such an unexpected combination!

Green And Purple Pouches - mydearirene

Three Pouches - mydearirene

It’s officially the gift wrapping season! How are you wrapping presents this year?


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