Jingle … “All The Way” Canvas Art

Jingle … “All The Way” Canvas Art

My Christmas canvas art is full of little bells that…  jingle all the way!  Inspired after my “Canvas Art With Brass Monogram” project which I shared a few months ago, this one is only for Christmas but it will surely add a happy and festive note throughout the holiday season. I simply put together small metallic bells that create the chorus of my all time favorite Christmas tune. This “piece of art” will certainly add color and happiness in any part of the home. It’s  an easy afternoon project that requires little effort and absolutely no artistic talent!

Christmas Mantel  With Canvas Art - mydearirene

A quick trip to the craft store will get you all the materials you need: * one heavy duty canvas – mine was 10 x 20 inches (heavy duty canvases are a little more expensive, because their frame is thicker and the canvas is a lot stronger, but it’s worth it!) * craft paint (I used Pesto satin by Martha Stewart) * one foam brush * one long sewing needle (yarn darner) * embroidery yarn the same shade as the craft paint * one sheet carbon paper * metallic craft bells (mine were 0.47 in.) * pencil * ruler * glue gun (optional) *  a printed quote/message of your choice, centered, to fit your canvas and smaller than the wooden frame.

Here is how to make it:

1. Paint the canvas and let it dry.

2. Position your message on the canvas and slide a sheet of carbon paper in between. With a pencil, trace over the message.  I traced right in the middle of each letter, using a ruler.

Transfer Quote - mydearirene

3.  Thread a needle with some embroidery yarn.  Tie a knot.  From the back of the canvas, pass the needle through the canvas just where one letter starts, add a bell, and pass the needle to the back. Continue until the letter is shaped out. Reach for the next letter from the back side of the canvas.

Sewing Bells - mydearirene

I secured a couple of bells that were not sitting perfectly well with just a drop of glue from my hot glue gun.

Canvas Detail - mydearirene

Arranged with some more framed pictures, or even better with a few art pieces, this simple canvas becomes a part of a more interesting collection. No need to combine pieces with only a Christmas theme. I mixed some plain frames with neutral themes, but added a little detail to each of them just for the holidays.

This mantle can easily be put together with some faux garland, a string of Christmas lights, and a few red and shiny Christmas ornaments. Each frame has, in its own way, a Christmas touch.

Christmas Mantel - mydearirene

I filled the openings of this frame with Christmas wrapping paper (this one is from Paper Source) and cut out and inserted printed numbers from my computer (“2” and “5” to signal the Christmas day).

Wrapping Paper Art - mydearirene

For an instant holiday look,  I added a shiny red Christmas ornament on top of this black and white photo that used to be in the entryway, and is now temporarily on the mantle.

Christmas Ornament - mydeariene

And last, I added a little red bow with a Glue Dot to each of the guys on this black & white photo. No ancestor of ours would be happy without such a colorful holiday addition!

Ancestors Detail - mydearirene

The canvas is the focal point of the mantle.  Everything has been put together effortless, with simple frames and holiday touches.

Christmas Mantel  With Canvas Art - mydearirene


Christmas Art Canvas - mydearirene



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