A Free Roadside Table Transformation

A Free Roadside Table Transformation

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! While all were out shopping on Black Friday (I admit doing just a little shopping myself!), I stayed in and finished up this project  which I have been working on for a little too long.

Back in October, I found this table left outside a house in a San Mateo, California neighborhood. I was about to leave it behind as it had absolutely no personality, but since I can’t say “no” to anything free, I brought it home and left it out in the backyard, protected under a covered patio,

Table Before - mydearirene

trying to figure out what to do with it.  It took a while (and a photo of it hanging above my desk for about a month) to finally decide that it wouldn’t ever become a nice table, but could be a useful bench!

Although it was made of  sturdy wood, the legs were a little loose so I tightened all the screws and it became strong enough for even two people to sit.

I continued by sanding it and applying multiple coats of wood stain (I used this one and followed the manufacturer’s instructions).  I applied stain only on the bottom part because the top was going to be hidden, anyway.

Staining the legs made a huge difference! The stain turned the wood from an ordinary/old fashioned color  to a rich dark brown wood.

Table Stained - mydearirene

I then added a layer of thick foam on the top and more foam pieces cut to size under the top (around the sides)  which I affixed with the hot glue gun. The pieces were necessary to fill the space under the edges of the bench. If I left the space, then the fabric would not be able to extend smoothly all the way around and under.

Adding Foam - mydearirene

I finally covered up the whole upper surface with a large piece of quilt batting and secured it under the table top with my staple gun.

Adding Qulit Batting - mydearirene

The most difficult part was to decide on the fabric. As I find it convenient to have small and versatile pieces of furniture that can be moved around the house for a quick update, I finally decided on (what else?) this white and beige fabric that could fit any room. A piece of fabric that was large enough to cover my bench was on clearance for only $5 (Calico Corners).  I loved the large curved geometrical design as well as the combination of my two favorite colors. I stapled the fabric on the bottom part trying to do my best with the corners.

Bench Fabric - mydearirene

The house we are renting offers a grand entryway but as I don’t have much furniture, it lacks warmth and texture.  So, I placed my new bench right under the table.

Bench In Entry Way - mydearirene

It can easily be moved on the left, to the dining room, whenever extra seating is needed. Placed at the head of the table, it easily sits two people.

Bench In The Dining Room - mydearirene

And it can be moved to the right, into the formal living room for a larger gathering.

Bench In Living Room - mydearirene

I did the best I could on the corners.  After all, I’m far from being an upholsterer!

Bench Corner - mydearirene

The legs used to be my less favorite part, but now they look amazing!

Bench Leg - mydearirene

I absolutely love my new bench and I will be using it around most parts of the house.

I ‘m so glad I didn’t leave that old table behind!


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