Spread The Word: The 2 Easiest Time Saving Travel Tips are Here!

Spread The Word: The 2 Easiest Time Saving Travel Tips are Here!

Traveling takes a lot of organization: booking flights, issuing tickets, preparing suitcases, arranging passports and other travel documents all while getting the entire family ready. I don’t know about you, but the stress adds up fast when we’re traveling!

So, if you are like me, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a couple of time saving tips!

For the suitcases

This little detail can get me frustrated: searching for the zippers while trying to open and close my suitcase happens way too often!  Same for you?  This metallic little zipper is never on the right side of the suitcase and leaves me patting down every side of the suitcase in an effort to try and locate it. And not to mention that every single time that I think I’ve found it, I soon realize that I have the wrong one – the one that enlarges the height of the suitcase.

So, to save myself some time (and frustration) I made these cute little leather tassels and inserted them onto each pull tab of my suitcases’ zippers.  They’re extremely easy to make.  You will only need  a piece of leather, a few key rings, and some hemp cord. All of my suitcases’ zippers have two pull tabs, so  I made one set for each suitcase.

Start by cutting thin strips of leather.  Mine were 5 3/4 inch long and 0.20 inch wide (about 14.5 x 0.5 cm). I used four strips for each tassel.

Four Leather Strips

Insert a key ring and fold the leather strips in half.

Four Leather Strips & Key Ring

Wrap a length of cord around the top part of the strips,  leaving about 1/4 inch (about 4 mm) margin for the ring to move around so that it can be easily inserted through the zipper’s pull tab. If needed, trim the end of the strips to give them all the same length.

Make sure that there is also  enough space left on the pull tab to insert a lock to your suitcase!

Tassel & Cord

Aren’t they adorable?

Nine Leather Tassels - My Dear Irene

I chose a turquoise color to contrast with the black suitcases.  I’s easier to locate the zipper, but I will also be able to recognize my suitcases immediately among all the other black ones when they come out of the baggage carousel at the airport.

Two Leather Tassels On Suitcase - My Dear Irene

Not to mention that I will be traveling in style!

Suitcases & Cute Tassels

For The Passports

My sister Irene told me months ago how she finally ended her struggle of correctly presenting each family’s member passport at every single airport counter without having to open a single passport and check the photo IDs.  How?  By just placing a letter sticker with each family member’s initial on the back cover of the passport!

4 Passports - My Dear Irene


All that is left now is to go on a little trip!

Live Your Home - My Dear Irene



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  1. Love the tassels, they look so elegant, and the idea for the passports is brilliant! Thanks, dear! Have a nice summer vacation!

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