$6 Super Market Flowers Can Make 6 Amazing Flower Arrangements

$6 Super Market Flowers Can Make 6 Amazing Flower Arrangements

You don’t need to pay a fortune on fresh flowers in order to make a pretty arrangement for your home!

I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday, spending my first minutes in the store by the flower section (as always).  I chose this bunch of yellow freesias for only $5.99, and so did the very nice lady who was shopping next to me.  She commented, however, that one bunch wasn’t going to fill up her big vase.

But the truth of the matter is, that with one inexpensive-purchased-at-the- super-market bouquet of flowers, you can make not only some cute flower arrangements, but some pretty impressive ones, too! Depending on how and where the floral arrangement will be placed, here are some ideas:

1. Made by a “Floral Stylist”!

An extra large vase hides in its center a Mason jar filled with water that keeps the flowers fresh. The freesias are hanging out loose and give the illusion that there are more than just ten stems. The Mason jar is surrounded and hidden by fresh fruit (here lemons) and pieces of faux green garland are nicely arranged to fill the empty spots between the lemons.  Some larger pieces of garland hang out of the vase to compliment the whole look.  The green stems poking out are from lilies that were in another vase a week ago and the blooms have long fallen.

This arrangement looks impressive in an entry way, on the dining table or any other large table, and will certainly not be missed by anyone!

Impressive Flower Arrangement - My Dear Irene


2.  Don’t under-estimate The Power Of One!

I always separate one stem from the bunch and place it in a lone vase, in some other part of the house, such as the guest bathroom.  It adds that unexpected little touch and gives guests one more reason to feel welcomed. A less formal glass container (like a tall jam jar) works just as well!

The Power Of One - My Dear Irene


3. Looking like a $40 bouquet!

A large vase (like the one that the lady at the super market probably had) can be filled with nothing more than some green branches cut from the backyard.  Here, camellia branches give the volume that was missing from the small bunch of freesias bought at the super market. To fill a vase with a larger rim, simply use more greenery (and even more than one kind) and display the flowers hanging out loose around the sides.

Doesn’t this look like a bouquet that came out of an expensive florist shop?  Who would know that it costs less than $6.00? Not to mention that the vase is a $1 garage sale treasure!

This arrangement looks great on a coffee table or on a side table.

Frezia And Camellia - My Dear Irene


4. Decorating the vase itself!

When a vase has no particular interest of its own, just adding a good quality ribbon in a matching color and tying a bow, can make a huge difference.

Ideal for a side table in the living room, a smaller piece of furniture, or on a mantel with other decorative items!

Yellow Ribbon - My Dear Irene


5. Small space + small bowl = small arrangement!

To add color to a smaller spot, a smaller arrangement is needed.  A little glass bowl becomes cute when the stems are cut short and when it’s filled with just the right amount of flowers.  The ten freesia stems are proportionally perfect (both in number and in height) in this small bowl, that was originally used for serving dip. A shallow drinking glass would be just as good!

Perfect to dress-up a night stand, a busy hallway table or on the shelf of a bookcase or an etagere!

In A Shallow Vase - My Dear Irene


 6. No bloom goes to waste!

A bloom that accidentally fell off while opening the plastic wrapping of the super market flower bunch, gets a new life:  a small jam container from a hotel breakfast holds the bloom and is the cutest of all!

Will make your day when placed by the kitchen sink!

A Small Frezia

Live Your Home! My Dear Irene

p.s. Any flower related theme makes me think of my mom who has given me her love for plants and flowers.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and she is  more than 6,000 miles away!  Just wishing I could give her any of these arrangements… even the tiny little cut-off bloom.   Happy Mother’s Day, μανούλα!

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