Tiny Valentine’s Envelopes

Tiny Valentine’s Envelopes

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. Words of wisdom (from someone we all know – find out who at the end of this post!) that are so appropriate on this Valentine’s Day to come, since I plan on keeping it small this year… No big banners, no huge surprises. Instead, I am making minuscule envelopes filled with words of love… And on February 14 I’m going to sneak them everywhere so that at every moment of the day, my loved ones uncover a little sweet message from me… I’ll hide one in the lunch box, the jacket pocket, in a backpack, even slip one in a notebook, and attach one to the car keys, or place one under a pillow. Each of them an unexpected tiny little surprise!

Be Mine

To make them, first chose an envelope template from the internet, there are hundreds. I chose this one because of its rounded edges, but they’re all beautiful!  Save it on your computer, print it.  Set your copy machine on a smaller scale (I did mine at 32%) and their final size is 1 3/4  x 1 1/4 inches ( 4.5 x 3.4 cm) when closed. Cut out your reduced template and trace it on cute and colorful scrapbook paper. Cut it out.  Make crisp folds. Glue on right and left sides.

Finally, insert a message!

Be Mine And Pencil

Or a little surprise!

Filled With Hearts

Or maybe a message in another language!

I Love You Greek

And hide them everywhere!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

p.s. The above quote is from a very respectable fellow and his words of wisdom fit perfectly with our Valentine’s Day celebration.  It’s … Winnie The Pooh!


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