Lamp Shade With Gold Lining

Lamp Shade With Gold Lining

Take a look at this table lamp below. It was on clearance at Target a few months ago and I got it for less than $ 25.00, plus the cost of the lamp shade. I loved the price, I loved its smokey and dark grey/purple color, I loved that it was made of glass, and I’ve always wanted a black lamp shade – it was perfect!  First I placed it in the formal living room but it didn’t seem to be formal enough.  So eventually, I moved it into the family room on the side table in between the two sofas and it instantly transformed the whole place into a cozy corner. It’s so conveniently placed that it has become the first light I turn on when it starts getting dark outside and the last to turn off before heading to bed.  But still something was off.  The light coming out the lamp shade was too cool and white compared to what I had in mind when I bought the black lamp shade. I changed a couple of light bulb types, only to realize that the real problem was the interior of the lampshade . It was too white and no matter the type of the light bulb, I wouldn’t get that warm feeling I was going for.

Lamp Shade Before


Lamp Shade Weaving

So, I decided to line the interior  of the lamp shade with gold gift wrapping paper. I had this antique gold roll from before the Christmas holidays (I got it at Barnes and Noble but it’s from Caspari – you can usually find their products in high end grocery stores).  It’s called Antique Gold for a reason:  it has a patina that looks like its surface has turned brownish with oxidation over time, I really liked that!

Wrapping Paper Strips

If my lamp shade had had the same opening on both its top and bottom, things would have been even easier.  I would’ve needed only one piece of wrapping paper cut to size to cover it all.

But the top of the lamp shade was more more narrow than its bottom.  So, I cut strips of paper that had the height of the inside of my lamp shade (just the white part, not the seam) and about 2.5 inches wide (approximately 7 cm). I applied some Mod Podge on the back each strip and affixed it carefully onto the lampshade pressing smoothly but steadily to remove any air bubbles. Each strip slightly overlaps the previous one, but it doesn’t show.

Wrapping Paper

I removed little excess of wrapping paper here and there with a craft knife. The whole project didn’t require any effort at all, that’s how easy it was!

Here is a close up  to show you the detail.



Lamp Shade After

The wrapping paper has been beautifully applied on the interior of the lamp shade. Most gold and silver wrapping papers have a little metallic feeling to them, this one definitely does.  This inexpensive Target purchase now resembles to a classy and expensive lamp shade. 

Lamp Shade Close Up

Lampshade And Shoe

This has become my favorite corner of the house ~ cozy and warm!

Lamp Shade On The Table

p.s. I took a few precautions, just for safety reasons, and I switched to a smaller light bulb (both in size and watts).  Also this specific lamp shade is pretty wide so it stands 6 inches (15 cm) away from the light bulb.  I also tested it for hours to make sure the the light bulb wasn’t heating the lampshade interior.

Oh, and by the way, this is how I made the cute little cache-pot for the super-market-bought-purple-hydrangea-into-a-black-plastic-pot that’s on my side table:

I found this metallic container somewhere in the garage that seemed like just the right size for my pot.

Container And Flower

I wrapped around and glued a piece of that same Antique Gold wrapping paper, added a piece of burlap to hide the gap and the top of the black plastic pot, and it instantly became the perfect match for my table.

Flower In Metallic Container

It might not be the most durable cache-pot but it will definitely last for the 3-4 weeks my hydrangea will be around…

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    • Thank you Denise! The lamp’s cord is running under the sofa with an extension cord. It comes out at the other end of the sofa where next to it is a built-in with three drawers. It runs up the drawers (hidden between the side and the face of each drawer) and finally above the built-in’s counter top where there is a plug!

  1. Hopefully you are still responding to this post. I’ve been searching for a black/gold lined lamp in the size I need and came across this post! Is there any concern for the paper being flammable, or did you use a certain kind? Or maybe I’m over thinking? Thanks for the tip!

    • Hi, since you have concerns about the paper being flammable, you should definitely consult an electrician and/or a specialist before doing this project 🙂 !
      I mentioned in the post the type of paper I used – I think you can still find it online – it’s a little metallic type of paper. I also mentioned that I used a light bulb that is smaller both is size and watts than the recommended one, and that the light bulb is far from the lampshade, about 6 inches away – my lampshade is quite big. So far, I haven’t had any problems with it, I’ve had it for 3 years, you can see photos of it in this recent post (link:, but with a new table lamp as the old glass one broke during an indoor soccer game 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i have always loved loved loved what a gold liner in a lampshade will do for an entire room! It’s magical how it transforms the feeling of ordinary into beautiful warmth and flattering and glowing light! I have found that if you use a heavy type gold foil you don’t need to worry about it being near the light bulb. I’m still trying to find this type of foil…..if anyone knows where you can buy it by the roll I would love to hear about it.

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