Sparkles All The Way!

Sparkles All The Way!

Who doesn’t like opening a perfectly wrapped gift?  Reading a meaningful note, untying  rich ribbons,  unfolding crisp paper, looking through colorful tissue paper that reveal something that has been carefully chosen with love?

For me, wrapping is part of the three-step process of offering a present: choosing, wrapping, giving, all of which are equally important in creating smiles.

To make things easier, every year I try to wrap all present in a single theme by either choosing one kind of paper (preferably not Christmas patterned so I can use  leftover  all year round), or one type of ribbon, or the same little piece of decor on each of them.

This year I am running late for my Christmas shopping but I already wrapped the few presents that I have bought.  I chose Kraft paper, which is relatively inexpensive, and made a glittery monogram for the name of the person who will receive the present, which can be later used as a tree ornament. I found the wooden monograms (plenty of styles and materials to chose from) which are about 1/2 inch thick (1.3 cm)  and sheets of golden-orange glittery paper (less messy than glitter!) at Michael’s. I placed the glittery paper upside down on a flat surface, the monogram on top of it with its  good side down, and  traced around the monogram. Then, I cut the paper around it, and glued it on to the monogram using Mod Podge.

Tracing Monograms

With some more Mod Podge, I glued each monogram on the wrapped package.


This year Christmas is all about shining and sparkling!

Presents In A Basket


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