Lights! Lights! Lights!

Lights! Lights! Lights!

I can’t imagine Christmas without lights!  They are my absolute favorite decorations of the season and every single room of my house is filled with them.  To make things simpler and less expensive, I don’t combine them with the pine garlands that usually go with them.  And by that, I mean that I simply place strings of light (preferably icicles) along desks, consoles, dressers, mantels and around windows.  The direct effect of the lights against the wood, wall and windows is amazing, just magical!

The lights are not only displayed on the mantel of the fireplace but they embrace the sides of the fireplace as they are tightly clipped on the sides.

Fire Place Night

And take a look how perfect they look by day, too!

Fire Place During Day

Against dark furniture and through glass vases, hurricanes and candle holders,  the effect is even more impressive!

Dining Room Night

For strings of light that will go on dark furniture, instead of white cord, I choose the sets of light with the green cord so that it won’t show that much on the furniture during the day:

Dining Room Day

The most amazing of all is to place the light string around the perimeter of the window frame, inside the house.  The lights shine and reflect in the glass and are multiplied by hundreds!


I even placed some on my son’s desk, hoping that it might inspire him to do some homework.

Lights In Boys Room

To make perfect straight lines of light,  sharp corners and perimeters lines, I use these little hanging hooks that stick on almost every surface and can be removed easily.  The hook on the right picture is on the side of the mantel, holding the cords close to the fireplace.

No Damage Hanging


Hanging Tips







And I always make sure to hide the cords!  Of course, I cant’t make them disappear, but I try to have the least possible showing by (1) taking off all the manufacturer’s stickers off the cords – after having read them!  (2) Having one cord instead of two by using an extension cord, (3) by  using clear hooks to have the cords run by the wall instead of just hanging in the air and (4) by hiding the most cords behind the furniture and the Christmas tree.

Cords Before

Cords After









And the best part of all:  I always leave my Christmas lights out for a couple of weeks after I take down the Christmas tree because the house feels so empty when they’re gone!


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