A Fresh Way To Cover Your Christmas Tree Base

A Fresh Way To Cover Your Christmas Tree Base

After years and years of classic, old fashioned Christmas tree skirts, I decided that this was the year for a more natural and modern base cover!

As I was sitting on my couch trying to figure out how to finally get rid of that old golden piece of fabric that I have been wrapping around the base of my Christmas tree for the last few years, it hit me!  All I had to do was move some of the firewood logs that were stored in a basket to the left of the fireplace, to the right of my fireplace (where my Christmas tree was standing).  Just a few logs gave my Christmas Tree a whole new look! I have to admit, though, that putting them in place around the base of the Christmas tree reminded me more of playing Jenga than decorating!  It did take some patience to find the correct spot to cover the tripod and at the same time stabilize the logs.  But I love the outcome and if my Christmas Tree could choose, this would be its favorite too!


Natural Tree Base


Vacuum The Logs

Felt Pads

Before placing the firewood logs under the tree, I vacuumed them a bit, and attached some adhesive felt pads to protect my wooden floors.

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