How To Make An Oversized Square Wreath

How To Make An Oversized Square Wreath

Super easy!  At 30 x 30 inches, this big wreath will not go unnoticed!  Just take a look on how I did mine, and you can do one too! Choose any kind of Christmas garland, color and material you like and you’ll have a wreath for your front door at a price you’ll love!

I went to Home Depot and bought four pieces of Hobby Boards (1). They have them on a stand in various sizes and types of wood to make easy home projects, starting at around one dollar each. Mine is of poplar (a light wood that takes glue and nails well), at 26 inches long (66 cm), 1 1/2 inches wide (3.8 cm)  and 1/4 inch thick (6 mm).  I had two of the boards cut off a few inches to make a perfect square (Home Depot will cut them for free).

I used wood glue to attach the boards and I secured them with a upholstery stapler two or three times on each side of each corner (2) to create a wooden frame.

Since I was going to use a green garland, I painted my frame green (3) so the light wood wouldn’t show.

For this project I used two artificial garlands with pine cones, which I attached around the frame using pieces of twine, florist wire, and I even my upholstery stapler in a couple places for extra sturdiness (4).



I filled gaps with smaller pieces of greenery, wherever needed, by cutting them off from the end of the garland. I also attached red balls on one corner with some florist wire. As a last touch, I added a few pieces of red ribbon here and there.  To hold my wreath up on my front door, I used a burlap ribbon that was left over from my place mats project, on which I attached some red ribbon vertically. Voila!

Choose A Garland

 I don’t mind the twine that shows in between the greens and reds.

Add A Few Ribbons

Red For The Front Porch!

Merry Christmas!

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