Dresser Redo for a Girl’s Room

Dresser Redo for a Girl’s Room

I’ve been wanting to do something with this dresser for a very long time. Techniques, colors, materials and shapes of all kinds have been going around in my head for a while, trying to find the best way to embellish this dresser and give it some kind of personality.  The dresser sits in my daughter’s room who is now in college and that gave me room and time to experiment.  One thing was for sure.  I only wanted to change the face of the drawers and leave the rest plain white so that I wouldn’t overdo it.  A second  thing was also sure: I wanted pink! And a third thing I knew for sure:  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on that redo.


I decided to try this decoupage glue by Martha Stewart  which is appropriate for almost all kinds of surfaces and is outdoors and dishwasher safe.  Of course, I am not planing on  taking this dresser in the backyard, nor will I put it in the dishwasher,  but hopefully,  I will be able to wipe it clean with some water and mild soap in the future, if needed.  The project cost about $ 13.00 (glue + 12 sheets of Scrapbook Paper, all from the craft store).


I first cut the paper sheets to length with the paper cutter and added two more sheets for each drawer, overlapping each paper sheet to make sure the design would continue uninterrupted.  I worked from left to right applying glue directly onto the dresser with a sponge brush and made sure that I started with the same motif on each left side of the four drawers. When I was finished with all 4 drawers, I applied another four coats of glue on top with 2 hours interval for drying.  This glue does the work of a mat varnish, as well.

The Three Sheets

I think it’s very cute and I’m sure my daughter will love it!


Girly Pink

And I even have some leftover paper for another project!

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