My Cushion Solution

My Cushion Solution


This is our kitchen table.  Perfect for breakfast, lunch and an informal dinner.  It’s also a great place to work on the computer and do all kinds of projects. We spend a great deal of our day here. I like the light coming from the windows but altogether it’s a little bland.



Table Before

We currently have these cushions for the kitchen chairs. They’re new and very inexpensive, but they’ve caused two problems: they move around all the time making them uncomfortable, and they’re also extremely boring. 

Pillow Before

To add color and secure them onto the chair, I came up with this little trick:

First, I carefully cut off the velcro straps which are not needed for this type of chair.

Pillow with Velcro

Then I used a grosgrain ribbon, 7/8 inch (or about 22 mm) which was slightly shorter than the height of my cushion, and then secured it with a pin on one end, leaving about 26 inches (or about 65 cm) to use for a bow.

Measure and Pin

I applied glue (E 6000, perfect for all kinds of projects but also for fabric) directly onto the cushion and firmly pressed the ribbon onto it.  I added a few more drops of glue wherever needed, and even a couple of painter’s tape to keep the ribbon firmly onto the cushion if I saw that it wasn’t sticking easily.  I wrapped the ribbon around the pillow and glued it onto all three sides, leaving another 26 inches ribbon for the bow.  Ready!

Green Ribbons


 Table After

I gave some thought on the color of the ribbon.  I decided to go with a light green to add some color but also because green is a good fit for all seasonal decoration (Fall, Christmas, Easter & Summer). Don’t you agree?

Two Chairs After

 Not only are these cushions in place now, but the whole setting looks so much prettier!! 

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