A Small Touch to Revive an IKEA Desk

A Small Touch to Revive an IKEA Desk


My daughter found this cute fabric tape at Paper Source the other day, and bought it for me, knowing I would do something with it! Sure enough, as soon as she brought it home, I got to work!

Fabric Tape

Remember those three IKEA desks I put in a row in the boy’s room? Well, they may fill up the room, and they may give plenty of workspace, but they are definitely very, very white!

Desk Before Fabric Tape

So, to add some color, I wrapped one strip around the perimeter of each desk, and three on each leg.  I didn’t spend a whole lot of time calculating and measuring. I measured the how far down the first strip should be and then just estimated the rest. And believe me, it didn’t take more than 30 minutes to revive those desks! In the end, I had some left over tape and so I used it on that little table on the left.  Paper Source carried also another type of fabric tape with red & white stripes (not sure if it is the same brand as this one), but it didn’t work all that well – it left glue residue, could not be easily re-taped and random strings would come off.  

Blue Tape After

I think it’s cute.  And not very white anymore!


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