Cake Stands Are Not Just For Serving Food!

Cake Stands Are Not Just For Serving Food!

My kids gave me a cake stand for Christmas this year and even though I already have a few, I was overly joyful for getting one more! My children know me well (or apparently they listen when I talk – ha, I didn’t think so!) as it’s true that I believe that you can never have too many of some households items. There is no such thing as having too many baskets, or too many boxes as those are needed in all shapes, sizes and materials. Well, cake stands kind of fall into that same category: whether it’s a footed/pedestal cake stand, a two-tier or a three-tier one, or if it’s made of glass, ceramic, wood or metal ~ well, each is needed for a different occasion – it all depends on the type of food (dessert, pastry, or finger food), the quantity of the food and, of course, the overall décor setting.

But how about using cake and food stands in home decoration or as a way of organizing? The first time I came across this idea was about 15 years ago ~  I think it was this very picture that I saw in a Martha Stewart Living magazine. I immediately took a white ceramic cake stand that was very similar to my inspiration, I placed it near my stove and I meticulously arranged my most frequently used cooking spices on it. Since then, we’ve moved about seven times, and I’ve almost always had a footed cake stand as a way of keeping my favorite seasonings near by the stove. I wasn’t able to find many photos of our previous kitchens, only this one below of our former San Francisco home; you can barely see the pedestal cake stand behind the island faucet, but it was always there, next to the stove. That’s where I kept at easy reach the olive oil dispenser, the kitchen timer and salt&pepper in pretty shakers. Obviously, we did not have  a countertop issue in that kitchen, but in our Athens apartment where everything is tiny, the pedestal cake stand was much more convenient than any regular tray since it kept the cooking essentials organized, and freed the counters by giving extra space to use under the pedestal.

In our current Houston, TX home, the stove is installed on a narrow island and there is not enough space near the cooking area for much of anything. But a few months ago, I thought it would be nice to use that same cake stand by the kitchen sink; it serves mostly as a way to decorate this small area with pretty things. It also fills that awkward empty corner behind the sink. Doing the dishes is such a more enjoyable task with a little green plant and a few shiny things to look at.

Apart from the stainless steel odor remover bar and the vegetable brush, nothing on this cake stand is really necessary by the sink, but what a great place it would make for a dish soap in a pretty dispenser (this kitchen has a built-in) and a sponge in a nice little dish (we keep it in the sink front tray). I know that many people keep all these things in a tray near the kitchen sink, but with a pedestal everything stays cleaner (no splashing) and prettier!

It’s also easy to add or remove what is kept on the stand to create a new look. A few months back, I had things arranged a little differently. It’s also fun to give the season’s tone ~ here during Christmas, with a couple of mini ornaments. Note: I don’t mean to go off subject, but if you need more “kitchen sink décor” inspiration, check out this blog post. 

Very frequently, I use this two-tier pewter pedestal stand in our formal living room to keep fruit ~ usually apples in the fall and cuties in the winter ~ It adds the much needed color in the living room and it makes fruit very desirable.

Sometimes, I move it over to our dining table to create an effortless, but beautiful table setting, like this lemon themed one:

My daughter uses this small yellow/grey single cupcake stand in her bathroom. That’s where she keeps her jewelry before getting into the shower. It’s a do-it-yourself pedestal made with a ceramic dish glued on a glass candleholder.

I found this picture of our Athens, Greece apartment – I keep a glass pedestal cake stand in the left corner of the bathroom countertop, with makeup brushes and a mirror box. Sometimes, I add a small vase with a flower or just a few fern leaves. Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

This three-tier cake stand is now in my kitchen holding fruit on a permanent basis. In the past, I took it out of the cupboard  (actually I used to keep it disassembled in its box) to serve food only on very very special occasions. It’s taller than your regular three-tier serving stand (it’s 2.5 feet tall!) and quite expensive. But I’ve decided that I like the glam it adds to the kitchen which, otherwise, can easily get a country look with all the wicker baskets. Even though the shape of the dishes is not the most appropriate (round fruit would sit better on rimmed dishes), it still works fine.

In the past, I sometimes used that same three tier stand to decorate the living room or the dining room with seasonal fruit.

And once, on my daughter’s birthday, I filled it with her little presents, all wrapped in pretty and coordinated wrapping paper. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture to share, but it was lovely.

I’ve also used it many times as a formal dinner table centerpiece. Here, on New Year’s a few years ago,  decorated with pine sprigs, Christmas ornaments and votive candles.

Sometimes, you don’t need to add a thing to turn a cake stand into a decorative piece. Just display it among other pretty serving pieces and it all makes a great décor on open shelves.

I saved the three-tier stand that my children gave me for Christmas for last. It’s metallic and heavy, very beautiful! I placed it in the master bathroom to organize my make up (I don’t have much) and my other everyday essentials.

I arranged the smaller items on the top part and the bigger ones the bottom part. Instead of using a basket to hold all of this stuff, this three tier stand stand keeps everything organized and takes less space on the countertop.

Tiny items such as lotion samples, eyeliners etc. are kept in a more organized way inside small vintage glasses and other small glass containers.

This three tier stand is my favorite of all and that’s because my children gave it to me! It works very well in the bathroom but don’t be surprised if I move it to another place sometime soon. I’m thinking small office supplies 🙂

I hope that I gave you plenty of inspiration on today’s blog post! Take out a cake stand and have fun decorating!

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